When Algy and his assistant finally managed to launch their crowdfunding campaign for the forthcoming Tales from The Adventures of Algy, they were feeling very happy, but completely exhausted. So they went down to the beach together, to rest on the sand dunes in the golden afternoon light and discuss how the project was going.

It got off to a great start, and Algy and Jenny would like to offer a HUGE THANK YOU and lots and lots of fluffy hugs to everyone who reblogged the campaign launch post, and especially to those very kind friends who have already contributed to the fundraising. All of your efforts and kindness are truly appreciated xoxoxoxo

A Fluffy Hugs page will be published soon :-))

And if you haven’t done so yet, please…

Check out and share Algy’s campaign page at Sponsume – there are lots of nice things there, including some beautiful calendars, cute mugs, and children’s jigsaw puzzles for Christmas gifts :-))

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