The gales raged on, and darkness fell on the night of Halloween. As Algy gazed out at the waves dashing endlessly on the rocks, he was uncertain whether or not to believe his eyes…

Happy Halloween everyone :-))


Adverse Weather Conditions!

Owing to the adverse weather conditions which Algy has been experiencing over the past few days, he is only able to connect to the internet intermittently at present. This means that his adventures may not appear every day, and he will not be able to keep up with all this Tumblr friends until normal conditions are restored. From his drenched perch on the rugged rocks, Algy sends his apologies, and lots of rather soggy fluffy hugs for you all :-))

(Note: adverse weather conditions = days of gale force winds and 6 inches of rain in 36 hours.)

As Algy watched the sun sink down, and waves of darkness stole quietly across the loch, he began to observe a strangely hypnotic phenomenon. Of course he was exceedingly tired after his arduous flight along the river, and the light in the gloaming is always tricky and apt to deceive. It’s only too easy to imagine that you are seeing strange things when twilight falls in the West Highlands, even if you are wide awake. Nevertheless, it seemed to Algy that all was not entirely as he might have expected it to be… He was too exhausted to remain alert, or even to stay awake for longer than a few moments at a time, but as he dozed to the rhythm of the flickering light, he wondered drowsily whether it was really entirely wise to fall asleep at this time…

Just like the famous young lady who was transported Somewhere Over The Rainbow long ago, Algy was feeling decidedly homesick, and he didn’t know how to find his way back home. What he did know, however, was that all streams must flow eventually into the sea. So he decided to follow the course of the river downstream, and – as twilight fell – Algy reached the shores of a huge sea loch. It was too late to travel any further that day, so he rested on the coarse beach, and watched the sun sinking down behind the clouds while he wondered what he ought to do next…



Dear friends at PWS, I am sending you this image from the other side of the rainbow, where I paused in my search for the way home, especially to pose for this fluffy contribution to your October Sunday Selfie :-))

With many fluffy hugs as always, your feathered friend in the West Highlands of Scotland xoxoxo

Thank you for your fluffy selfie-submission, Algy! We love it!

PAFBWS – Photo(grapher)s And Fluffy Birds Worth Seeing

Algy missed the last Selfie Sunday on PWS, so he is very happy indeed to be able to participate in this one. He sends his fluffiest thanks to photosworthseeing for allowing him to join in the fun – and for keeping the Selfie Sundays going, as it must mean a lot of extra work for you all at PWS. There has been a really great response this month, so Algy thinks that maybe he isn’t the only one to enjoy this special PWS event :-))))

Algy moved to a new position on the riverbank, so that he could watch the dazzling patterns of sunlight sparkling on the water. In the distance he could see the mountains which hid the river’s many sources, but for the moment Algy was more interested in the play of shadows and light. It reminded him of a short poem, which he offers with his fluffiest thanks to all those kind followers and curatorial editors who reblog episodes from Algy’s Adventures. Your efforts too often go unacknowledged, but Algy deeply appreciates the way in which you help him reach a wider audience. Thank you all!

          If I could
          hold light
          in my hand
          I would
          give it
          to you
          and watch it
          your shadow.

[Algy is quoting the poem Present Light by the contemporary American writer Charles Ghigna, who Algy understands has the good sense to live up a tree :-)]

p.s. Can’t see Algy? Look again 🙂

Algy started to follow the course of the burn downstream, and before long he found that – as other wee burns joined in to the flow – it had almost swelled into a river. Soon he reached a particularly beautiful area, where the water spread out across a shallow bed, bordered on each side by tall trees. Although the autumn sun was low in the sky, it was bright and warm in this sheltered spot, so Algy decided that it was the ideal place in which to doze away a lazy Sunday afternoon, just watching the water swirl gently around and around.

Algy hopes that you will all enjoy a happy, lazy Sunday afternoon :-))

Algy could hear the distinctive sound of a waterfall nearby, so he flew over to investigate. A vigorous burn was rushing down through the glen with considerable force, roaring over the rocks and stones with a din that filled his ears. Algy was fascinated by the sight of the water surging through the wee gorge it had carved out beneath the overhanging bushes and ferns, but it was hazardous environment for a fluffy bird. Fortunately, there was an old relic of rotting fence jutting out across the rocks beside the waterfall, so he perched on the safe side of the fence post, and held on very tightly, just in case…

Listen to the roar of the burn rushing over the rocks in the glen.

Listen to the roaring sound of the waterfall that filled Algy’s ears as he perched on an old fence post by the rushing burn in the glen.