About The Adventures of Algy

Algy is a unique fluffy bird, whose adventures on the coast of the wild west Highlands of Scotland first started on his popular multimedia Tumblr blog The Adventures of Algy  in March 2012, with the help of Algy’s assistant, Jenny Chapman, a professional writer and artist. Algy now has many thousands of fans and followers from all around the world.

In October 2016, Algy’s Tumblr adventures were copied to this WordPress blog, and from that date on, Algy’s photographic adventures have appeared here as well as on Tumblr.

Algy’s adventures are also chronicled in a different form in a series of illustrated children’s chapter books, Tales from the Adventures of Algy. The first book A Surprisingly Fluffy Bird was published in July 2015, followed by The Tree with a Golden Heart and The Magical Midwinter Star. Algy’s exciting fourth adventure story is due to be published later in 2019.

Algy also has his own web site, which includes many features especially for the young readers of his books, and his very own online bookshop, where you can buy all his books and greetings cards.

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All original work associated with Algy and his adventures, including writing, images, GIFs, video and sound recordings, is copyright material © MacAvon Media or © Jenny Chapman and protected by laws of copyright. All rights reserved.