Algy could see that he was about to be caught out in another of those special West Highland “April showers”, so he closed his book quickly and hopped up into a sheltering spruce. Tucked in close under the branches, he watched the clouds move across the hill in the stormy light and waited for a rainbow …


The shadows were growing longer and the wee waves were racing back out to sea on the turn of the tide. On the other side of the loch, Algy could see another rain shower moving up the glen towards him. So he stretched himself out on a rock to catch the last of the evening sun, and watched the tiny breakers splash on the pebbles of the wee beach.

The tide turned, the wind dropped, and the sun emerged from beneath the clouds to make the water of the big sea loch sparkle in all its many colours. By the side of the loch, the gorse was in bloom. Algy loves the cheerful colour of the gorse which flowers so bravely in the cold Highland spring, but the bushes are much too prickly to perch on, so he settled himself comfortably in a sunny spot on the grass and got out his notebook …

Algy Loves Dragons!

Algy would like to reassure those kind people who have expressed concern over his St. George’s Day Adventure that he loves dragons, and his mission on St. George’s Day is especially to ensure that no-one does them any harm! He would never dream of hurting any creature – he loves them all xxx

To those who were so kindly concerned for his own safety, Algy can only say that in his experience so far, dragons seem to like him too, and he has found that their appearance is much more fierce than their bite 🙂

Algy says “Be Kind to Dragons!” and to all living creatures 🙂

Inside the big, dark shed, Mrs. Blackbird was sitting on the nest which her husband had built for her in the top of a wee basket on a shelf. Meanwhile, her husband sang all day long at the top of Algy’s tree, to make sure that everyone knew what a fine fellow he was. Algy flew up to join him, and to listen to the song.