My BEST posts of 2016

December ♥ 132


November ♥ 141


October ♥ 232


September ♥ 142


August ♥ 229


July ♥ 170


June ♥ 147


May ♥ 127


April ♥ 274


March ♥ 186


February ♥ 252


January ♥ 199


Algy’s “best” posts of 2016 according to the “best of tumblr” tool – and they do include several of Algy’s personal favourites.

The number of notes is well down on the previous couple of years; Algy wonders whether it is because many people have left Tumblr this year, or for some other reason.

Algy sends you all his fluffiest thanks for your support, flying hearts, comments and friendship during 2016, and wishes you all a happy and peaceful year ahead, and a wonderful new year on Tumblr. Let’s make it a good (and fluffy) one! Fluffy hugs to you all xoxo

p.s. Don’t miss Algy’s part on @lovefromalgy tomorrow – submissions are open 🙂 Here’s the submission form link again:

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For the PWS @photosworthseeing New Year Special “That One Moment” – with lots of very fluffy hugs to all Algy’s friends at PWS, and his fluffiest thanks to the PWS team for organising yet another wonderful event xoxo

Algy’s special moment of 2016 was back in July, on an unusually summery day. Algy made his way through a lovely patch of woodland to a beautiful lochan fringed with wild water lilies, where everything was peaceful, calm and sunny – a rare treat in the West Highlands of Scotland! And…

Algy hopped down to the water’s edge and perched on a clump of lush green grass. Leaning forward, he peered down deep into the blue water, trying to see whether he could spot a frog among the water lilies, but although he looked as hard as he could, there was no sign of his amphibian friends. Then suddenly he noticed a wee movement on the soggy ground beside him. Several tiny froglets were making their way clumsily towards the shelter of the grasses, their spindly legs stumbling over the matted roots. Algy wished them well, and hoped they would have a safe journey…

[Originally posted on 31st July 2016]


You are ALL invited – and so are all your friends! Please share 🙂

To celebrate the launch of his new book, The Magical Midwinter Star, Algy is holding a very special Tumblr party on his sideblog @lovefromalgy

When? SUNDAY 1ST JANUARY 2017 and into the wee hours of the next day…

Where? On Algy’s own sideblog @lovefromalgy

What? One of Algy’s famous Tumblr parties with all his Tumblr friends, and lots of fun and fluffy surprises, treats, and special offers connected with his new book 🙂

How to join in? Submit one or more images, or post on your own blog and send Algy a link – your own original work, please. Details below… And of course come along and enjoy the fun on the day, and late into the night 🙂

Submission details…

Submissions can be made at any time from now until the end of the party. Here’s the link to the Submit form again:

Send all your fluffy friends, beautiful images to celebrate midwinter and the magical midwinter star, and any images of – or inspired by – Algy’s new book, The Magical Midwinter Star 🙂

Photographs and art work are both very welcome, but only submit your own work, please.

Or you can post on your own blog and send Algy a link. Please be sure to send him that link, as he won’t necessarily see your post, even if it’s tagged. (Tumblr does not always work as it should…)

It will be a magical celebration… see you there!

Algy found it very difficult to choose five photographs from his Adventures in 2016 for the wonderful GRAY-CARD’S YEAR END TOP 5 PHOTO EXTRAVAGANZA, but in the end he selected these five images, which reflect the changing seasons in the West Highlands of Scotland… Algy’s home 🙂

Gray Card says that we should be sure to promote ourselves, so here are some links to:

The Adventures of Algy on Tumblr

Algy’s illustrated children’s chapter books

Algy’s own web site 

Algy’s own book shop for signed copies of his books

Algy sends lots of fluffy hugs and his fluffiest thanks to @gray-card for organising this wonderful end-of-year exhibition xoxo

Merry Christmas everybody 🙂

Algy wishes you all a joyful and peaceful Christmas and sends you all lots of very fluffy Christmas hugs xoxo

Don’t forget to download Algy’s Christmas present to you all – a FREE copy of the Kindle edition of his new book The Magical Midwinter Star. Full details with links to all the Amazon pages for the book are in Algy’s previous Christmas post.

How to Download Algy’s FREE Kindle Book

One or two people have contacted Algy because they have had difficulty downloading the complete Kindle edition of Algy’s new book for free.

To download the entire book for FREE this weekend, you must click the Buy button at Amazon and NOT the Download Free Sample or Try A Sample links.

You will see that, during the promotion period, the Kindle book is for sale at a price of 0.00 in your own currency, and to get the whole book you need to “buy” it for 0.00. It seems silly, but that’s the way Amazon works.

The full list of links to the book on different Amazon sites are in Algy’s previous post. Happy reading 🙂

Merry Christmas ~ Happy Holidays !

Algy sends all his lovely Tumblr friends around the world many wingfuls of fluffy Christmas hugs from the West Highlands of Scotland, and wishes you a very happy and peaceful holiday weekend xoxo

And Algy has a present for you all – the Kindle ebook edition of his new book The Magical Midwinter Star is FREE TO DOWNLOAD ALL WEEKEND, 24th and 25th December. Suitable for children of all ages from 5 to 95 🙂 Don’t miss it if you would like some joyful and unique midwinter holiday reading, direct from the wild west coast of the Scottish Highlands…

Please share with all your friends 🙂

Here are the direct links:

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[The illustration by Jenny Chapman is from Chapter 8 of The Magical Midwinter Star.]