It was Hogmanay at last, and Algy was trying to blow up balloons for his New Year’s Eve celebrations, but fluffy birds are perhaps not very well adapted to this particular task…

If you live in a part of the world where it is already 2015, Algy wishes you the fluffiest possible New Year xoxoxo

If you live nearer Algy’s own home or in the massive continents of the Americas, please join Algy at midnight GMT to celebrate the coming of the New Year :))




The Adventures of Algy is a very fluffy blog which I have been following since my introduction to Tumblr.  Jenny sent me this sweet picture of Algy looking at my Tumblr blog and said “Algy was fascinated by the way the reflections of the trees and bushes here in the West Highlands interact with your gorgeous artwork on the screen. He hopes you will like it too. At least he managed to make your colours glow!” Indeed he did and my heart too 🙂

Algy enjoys looking at your wonderful digital artwork, because he truly does!”

Jenny, creator of Algy, has been an active supporter of my blog/work. She has sent me thoughtful criticism and compliments which have, at times, brought me out of a dark place.  She is one of the very rare followers who makes my time on Tumblr more rich.

At this moment, there is a campaign on,, to make it possible for Jenny and Algy to create a line of books for children, “Tales from The Adventures of Algy.”  Reading books to my child when she was young is truly one of my most fond memories.  I hope to read Algy’s Tales to my grandchildren someday.  

I encourage you all to make this possible for everyone!  Help spread the sweetness and, of course, the fluffiness!  

Go to and do whatever you can.

May your new year start with a fantastically fluffy feeling!

If Algy could blush – which actually he cannot – he would certainly be blushing now!

Thank you so much, dear Stefanie stefaniejasper for this wonderful promotion and your sweet words. Your support and your kindness is hugely appreciated. Algy sends you lots and lots of fluffy hugs xoxoxo

Algy’s personal “top 5” selection of animated GIFs from 2014, for Gray-Card gray-card by kind invitation – thank you!

Algy found it very difficult to choose five favourites from so many diverse adventures, but these are certainly among the best from 2014, showing various aspects of Algy’s fluffy life and his West Highlands environment :-))))

To see more of Algy’s adventures in the wild West Highlands of Scotland, follow adventuresofalgy. And please don’t forget that Algy still needs help to reach the target in his crowdfunding campaign to publish his series of children’s books, Tales from The Adventures of Algy.

Wishing you all a very fluffy and wonderful year ahead in 2015 xoxoxo

(Note: sadly, these GIFs display blown up in poor quality on Algy’s blog – a feature of the photo set. But they should look OK on the dash, he hopes!)

Good news – Algy has at last managed to order some more of his special jigsaw puzzles :))

Algy’s jigsaw has been very popular, and stock temporarily dropped down to minus 1 today! (Ooops! That should not have been possible!). But all is well and there are now five extra available to buy from Algy’s crowdfunding campaign at Sponsume. When the campaign is over he will eventually open an Etsy shop so that you can buy Algy gifts for the children in your life (and yourself!) all year round :))

You can watch Algy trying to do his own jigsaw puzzle in this animation.

Lots of fluffy hugs and warmest thanks to Algy’s friends who have bought jigsaw puzzles – he hopes very much that the little ones who received them will enjoy playing with them xoxo


Once upon a time…

Algy and his assistant met to discuss the production of his long-awaited series of fluffy children’s books, Tales from The Adventures of Algy.

There was just one wee problem: publishing projects cost money, and money is something which is very rarely seen in the West Highlands of Scotland…

[The music included on Algy’s video soundtrack is the first two minutes of the famous Singin’ The Blues, recorded on the 78rpm Okeh label in 1927 by Frankie Trumbauer and his Orchestra, and featuring Bix Beiderbecke. The song was originally composed in 1920 or earlier, with the first known recordings released in 1920.]

In case you missed it the first time round, here is Algy’s campaign video once again. Enjoy!

Algy’s crowdfunding campaign runs until Wednesday 7th January 2015.

It was a dreich late December day, cold and damp and gloomy, and Algy was feeling cold and damp and gloomy too. He decided to fly down to the Mill burn, to perch in one of his favourite spots in the old alder tree which overhung the water.

As Algy gazed at the water gurgling around the tree’s roots while it passed by on the final stage of its journey to the sea, he thought about his crowdfunding campaign. The wonderful kindness of those friends who had already contributed made him feel warm and fluffy, but he was worried about the progress of the campaign. Of course he was determined to publish his stories for children no matter what happened, but the lack of adequate funds was concerning. Algy realised that some of his friends simply couldn’t spare any money (although one or two of those had very kindly contributed regardless!) – but it seemed that other friends who followed his adventures regularly, and who he was sure could spare at least the price of a cup of coffee without noticing the difference – were apparently not interested. This was disconcerting for a fluffy brain, and Algy felt discouraged and sad. Perhaps they didn’t really like his Adventures after all…

Algy felt especially perplexed by his American friends (with a few notable exceptions!), because he had always believed that Americans were generous people, and so many of his American friends had expressed enthusiasm for his Adventures. As he understood it, crowdfunding was actually an American invention, and a common and popular way of funding projects in the USA. And yet only seven of Algy’s numerous American friends had so far made any contribution to his project, while many more friends – and strangers – in Europe and elsewhere (who were less accustomed to crowdfunding) had responded generously and enthusiastically. Had he made a trans-Atlantic faux pas? Of course it was a dark and gloomy day, and everyone in the northern hemisphere was feeling depressed at this lowest point of the year, but it was all very puzzling and worrying…

So if you have not already contributed – and if you enjoy Algy’s adventures on Tumblr – please take a moment to consider whether you couldn’t spare a little loose change to help a fluffy bird in the wild West Highlands of Scotland publish some of his Tales from The Adventures of Algy... Every single contribution, large or small, really does help and is truly appreciated!

Algy’s crowdfunding campaign runs until the afternoon of 7th January 2015, on the British crowdfunding site Sponsume.

In case you missed Algy’s cute campagin video, which was published at the start of the campaign in November, he will reblog it immediately after this post 🙂

Thank you xoxo

Just when you thought you could relax…

Algy invites you ALL to A Surprisingly Fluffy Party to thank you all for your support and celebrate the conclusion of his crowdfunding campaign. The party will take place next Sunday January 4th 2015, on Algy’s sideblog lovefromalgy from 11 a.m. Sunday through to 2 a.m. Monday, so that everyone around the world can join in.

Please submit a surprisingly fluffy photo or a surprisingly fluffy text using the lovefromalgy submission form to participate in the fun and the prize draws… or just come along to lovefromalgy to watch. All submissions will be published unless they are unsuitable for fluffy birds! Submissions are open now and will remain open until midnight (GMT) on Sunday January 4th. Your contributions will be scheduled to be published throughout the duration of the party. Multiple contributions are welcome… within reason :)))

When you submit, be sure to indicate which giveaway prize draws you would like to enter. Just enter the details in the description box, and choose from any or all of the following:

  • Algy’s Happy Dance mug
  • Algy’s painting mug with fluffy hugs text on back
  • Algy’s desk calendar with closeup images of Algy
  • Algy’s A5 notebook with Algy painting cover, blank pages
  • Algy’s square photo magnet

These are all shown in the lower part of the image above. You can enter as many of the giveaway prize draws as you like, but each name will only be entered into each draw once :))

Your Tumblr names will be placed into a hat and the giveaway prize draws will take place towards the end of the party – precise details to be announced soon. The Tumblr names of the winners will be published on lovefromalgy and winners will of course need to supply their postal addresses to receive their prizes.

Any questions just ask :-)))) And spread the word!

And please don’t forget… if you can spare the price of a cup or coffee or a wee dram please help Algy reach his target – there are still lots of lovely rewards available :-))) Every contribution really does help, no matter how small.

p.s. Algy will try to improve the layout of lovefromalgy before the party!

Gray-Card gray-card very kindly suggested to Algy that he make a “top 5” set of images to help promote Algy’s crowdfunding campaign. The campaign certainly has been the highlight of Algy’s year, and the support and encouragement from all his friends has been absolutely fantastic. Algy sends his very fluffiest thanks to you all xoxoxo

Please help Algy reach his target – there are lots of lovely rewards available :-))) Every contribution really does help, no matter how small. On the date of this post, 27th December, Algy has raised 70% of his target…

If just 5% of Algy’s Tumblr followers who have not yet contributed could spare the price of a cup of coffee, Algy’s campaign would reach its target. Could you please spare a couple of pounds… or dollars… or euros… or anything… to help fund the production costs of Algy’s children’s book series Tales from The Adventures of Algy?

The campaign ends on 7th January 2015.

And please signal boost – on Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, anywhere at all… to help spread the word to more people. Thank you, and lots of fluffy hugs to you all xoxoxo

In Britain, Boxing Day (26th December) is traditionally a holiday devoted to fun and games with friends and family, so Algy was delighted when a special little friend came to visit him. And of course they couldn’t start playing games without their party hats, so it was essential to begin by pulling some Christmas crackers…

Algy hopes you will all have a happy day full of fun and games  :-))

Extra fluffy hugs today to Algy’s friends at PWS photosworthseeing, to whom this photo is dedicated for their wonderful weekly “No Edit Friday” event xoxoxoxo