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It was the first day of December, and the hours of daylight had grown very short indeed. Each new day dawned more slowly and reluctantly than the previous one now, but as soon as there was sufficient light Algy found himself a comfortable perch in a pine tree and settled down to read his very own Christmas-time story The Magical Midwinter Star to his little black teddy. The tiny bear was thrilled to hear the tale of Algy’s adventures through the harsh midwinter landscape of the West Highlands of Scotland, and he wondered whether Algy would indeed succeed in restoring the ancient tradition of a great midwinter celebration for all the creatures of the area, to bright light and joy back to the dismal depths of the dark and gloomy Scottish winter…

This third story in the series Tales from the Adventures of Algy makes perfect reading for the weeks leading up to Christmas – for children aged 7 to 10 and adults still young at heart. You can buy copies of The Magical Midwinter Star signed by Algy himself, direct from Algy’s own web shop, and add personal dedications in your own words. With FREE UK DELIVERY from now until Hogmanay.

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The hardback editions of Algy’s books are bound in dark blue cloth, with title and author stamped in gold on the spine, and a matte full colour dust jacket as shown in the photo. The interior has a full colour illustration at the head of each chapter. Paperback editions are also available at the normal prices, and books can be shipped to almost any country in the world 🙂


The Kindle edition of Algy’s new book, The Magical Midwinter Star, is FREE to download for everyone today – don’t miss it! Kindle books can be read on almost any device or computer.

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Algy regrets that he has to charge overseas delivery costs for purchases from his web shop, and sadly the book is not likely to reach overseas friends before Christmas. If you live in the USA, you can order the paperback and hardback editions from Amazon in time for Christmas.

Any questions? Just ask 🙂

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Algy’s new book has just been published and is an ideal Christmas stocking filler 🙂

You can read all about it, and also read a preview, on Algy’s own web site.

So if you would like to buy a copy to give someone for Christmas, please read the notes for your geographical area carefully. Thank you 🙂

Kindle version coming soon…



Signed paperbacks – Algy is expecting to be able to send signed paperback copies out early next week by 1st class post, and they should reach you in time for Christmas, but this cannot be absolutely guaranteed. Please buy from Algy’s own web shop before 20th December. Postage is FREE.

Unsigned paperbacks – Algy can also send you unsigned paperbacks, to the same delivery schedule, and this is likely to be the fastest option – please buy from Algy’s web shop before 20th December (postage is FREE). You can also order from Amazon UK, although they do not yet hold stock. It is likely, but not certain, that they will supply the book before Christmas.

If you are lucky enough to live in Cornwall or be visiting that area, Gallery Anthony in Mullion will be the first retailer to hold stock of the book. They should have it for sale from this weekend.

Hardbacks – Algy is not yet sure which day he will receive stock of the hardback edition (cloth bound with dust jacket). It is just possible that the hardbacks will reach him in time to send to UK addresses for Christmas. He will keep you posted 🙂 The hardback should be available to order from Amazon by the weekend. You can order a hardback from Algy’s own web shop now, with FREE postage, but he does not yet know when he will be able to despatch it.


Unsigned paperbacks and hardbacks – are now available to order from Amazon in the USA and should reach you in time for Christmas if you buy quickly and select a fast shipping option.

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Unsigned paperbacks and hardbacksare now available to order from Amazon’s European web sites, but Algy guesses that the books may NOT arrive in time for Christmas. You can also order from The Book Depository in the UK and get FREE international postage.

Signed paperbacks and hardbacks – may be ordered from Algy’s own web shop but will NOT reach you in time for Christmas. Sorry!


Unsigned paperbacks and hardbacksare now available to order from Amazon’s European web sites, but the books will NOT arrive in time for Christmas. You can also order from The Book Depository in the UK and get FREE international postage.

Signed paperbacks and hardbacks – may be ordered from Algy’s own web shop but will NOT reach you in time for Christmas. Sorry!


This is a special draft preview of the cover of Algy’s forthcoming book – the third in the series of illustrated children’s chapter books Tales from the Adventures of Algy – due to be published at the beginning of December 2016.

*** REVIEW REMINDER *** Write an honest, personal review on Amazon or Goodreads before the end of October – of EITHER ONE of Algy’s first two books – and Algy will send you a free, signed review copy of his new book (paperback) when it’s published!

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Be sure to let Algy know the address to send the new book to, if he does not already know it or may not recognise the name you use as a reviewer.

Algy and his assistant are working very hard to get The Magical Midwinter Star out in time for Christmas and the winter holidays 🙂 Watch this space for further information…

The season was changing very quickly now: the days were cool and misty and the nights were rapidly drawing in, but when the sun managed to shine it still felt pleasantly warm in a sheltered spot.

So Algy lay back among the long waving grasses, high on the hill,  and admired the way the seedheads caught the light, and the vast expanse of landscape and sky all around him. He was thinking about his new children’s book, which was now in preparation: part of the story took place very near this spot, but in the chilly depths of winter. Reclining in the golden sunshine of an early autumn afternoon, it was difficult to remember the harsh winter conditions on the moor, but he had a nasty feeling that it wouldn’t be very long before his memory would be refreshed…

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Below the great oak tree was Algy’s favourite woodland pool, where he had first met the robin in his adventure The Tree with a Golden Heart. A woodland burn tumbled down the hillside through the trees, and at this point it splashed into a small shaded pool beneath the great oak tree before it continued its journey down into the quiet loch. Algy loved to perch on the large mossy stone at the edge of the burn and watch the wee waterfall and the ripples that travelled across the shallow pool, which was also an excellent place for a fluffy bird to bathe…




Algy and his friends were amazed by the glow from the Kindle version of Algy’s  book The Tree with a Golden Heart, and he hopes that you will be too 🙂

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