It was a dreary sort of wet kind of dismal type of day, and by the late afternoon Algy was getting very fed up indeed – until the post bird arrived to deliver the mail. To Algy’s surprise, there was a very exciting-looking letter for him, with an Italian stamp on it! Algy quickly found a comfy perch on the damp moss, and opened his letter eagerly. It was from his little friend Amy – a young lady, six and a half years old, who lives in Italy. Algy was so excited! Amy had sent him some drawings which she had made especially for him! Thank you very much, Amy – Algy sends you lots of special fluffy hugs and kisses xoxoxo

Unfortunately it started to rain again as Algy was looking at Amy’s pictures, so he quickly put them back in the envelope to keep dry, and decided to save looking at the rest of the drawings until tomorrow…

[For a better-quality version of this GIF, please visit Algy’s own web site, as Tumblr would not upload the high-quality version.]


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