Today the Tumblr gods worked some of their amazing magic, and Algy suddenly found that he had a large number of new followers from all around the world. He was utterly astonished and delighted, and so naturally he immediately had to do a special Happy Dance 🙂

Algy wishes all you lovely new followers a very warm and fluffy welcome, and he hopes that you will enjoy his adventures in the West Highlands of Scotland.

And of course Algy also wants to share the Happy Dance with all his kind followers and sweet Tumblr friends who have been following his adventures so far.

So – dear followers, old and new – please stop whatever else you may be doing, and join Algy in this special Happy Dance today :-))

Algy loves you all xoxo


Algy was fed up with falling out of trees in gales, and in view of the fact that his adventures were being featured on galeriedesartsvisuels today, and it was also supposedly the first day of spring, he felt that he had a jolly good excuse to do a Happy Dance. His friend Fern qbnscholar had posted a tempting rumba track on his blog earlier in the day, so Algy decided to practise his rumba… with a few fluffy embellishments here and there. He did his best to get the steps right, but on the windy top of a rock it was a wee bit tricky, and he couldn’t help wondering whether it wasn’t more of a Cha-cha-cha in the event…

Happy Spring everybody (in the northern hemisphere) – Algy hopes that you will all practise your Happy Dances over the weekend :))

On St. Patrick’s Day, Algy dyed his hair green, found a spot where he could look out across the ocean towards the Emerald Isle, and practised his personal version of the Irish fluffy bird jig…

A very Happy St. Patrick’s Day to lovers of Ireland everywhere :-))

Way, way back in those long-ago days, just a few years after Algy had dreamed of the little girl on the other side of the world, that same girl was sitting on a rock on her own native shore. Unlike Algy’s warm southern home, her northern seaside was cold and grey, so she was well wrapped up against the cool British climate. The girl was a wee bit older now, and she sat there very quietly, dreaming of the future… As she gazed at the chilly water swirling around her rock, she thought she saw a strange, fluffy bird with bright yellow hair and dangly legs doing a crazy dance in the sea in front of her…

Many years passed… and then, one day, Algy received messages in his Tumblr mailbox from his friends nosealviewing, babalou71 and josepha-amarantine …

And this concludes his response 🙂

Algy was so excited about Amy’s pictures that he wanted to show them to all the other birds and animals. Fortunately it was an unusually calm day, although very grey and damp, so Algy decided to create an art exhibition by pinning the pictures up in a small tree where all the creatures could see them.

Algy needed to make sure that he could keep the drawings safe when he took the exhibition down, so he asked his assistant whether she had something he could use to put them in. She helpfully provided a very smart folder intended for storing art work, but somehow it didn’t quite work out as Algy had hoped. It seemed very much as though the folder had ideas of its own…

It was a dreary sort of wet kind of dismal type of day, and by the late afternoon Algy was getting very fed up indeed – until the post bird arrived to deliver the mail. To Algy’s surprise, there was a very exciting-looking letter for him, with an Italian stamp on it! Algy quickly found a comfy perch on the damp moss, and opened his letter eagerly. It was from his little friend Amy – a young lady, six and a half years old, who lives in Italy. Algy was so excited! Amy had sent him some drawings which she had made especially for him! Thank you very much, Amy – Algy sends you lots of special fluffy hugs and kisses xoxoxo

Unfortunately it started to rain again as Algy was looking at Amy’s pictures, so he quickly put them back in the envelope to keep dry, and decided to save looking at the rest of the drawings until tomorrow…

[For a better-quality version of this GIF, please visit Algy’s own web site, as Tumblr would not upload the high-quality version.]

Today Algy rushed down to the sea to do a special Happy Dance of Joy – he was on Tumblr Radar again! Yippppeeeeeeeeee!!!

(Algy says please click through to his own web site to see the longer, high quality version of this Happy Dance GIF.)

When Algy woke up this morning, he got a big surprise. One of his stormy adventures had received over 6,000 notes while he was sleeping, several of his friends had sent him kind congratulations, and he had acquired hundreds of new followers overnight. And to make Algy’s day perfect, the sun was shining for the first time in weeks!

So Algy says “Thank you all very much indeed!” He sends you all lots of fluffy hugs, and an extra special welcome to his new followers. And if the Tumblr gods are watching, Algy sends you lots of fluffy hugs too, and invites you to join him in his Happy Dance :)))

While Algy was resting on the rock, he heard that his oldest friend, an elderly lady, had been taken to hospital with a heart problem. Poor Algy was very worried, but the next morning a little bird passed by to bring him the good news that his friend was all right, and was returning home. Although the weather was grey and grim, Algy was so delighted that he immediately leaped back into the sea to do a special Happy Loony Dance, to celebrate and to make his old friend laugh.

Algy knows that some of his Tumblr friends have similar concerns… so if you are feeling worried or downhearted, or are just suffering from the January Blues (or Greys!), Algy hopes that his Happy Loony Dance will help to make you smile too 🙂

On New Year’s Day, Algy always indulges in his own West Highland version of the Loony Dook … albeit with a certain amount of trepidation this year, after his recent experiences in the sea!

Algy has been so thrilled and happy to receive so many good wishes for the new year from all his lovely Tumblr friends! He thanks you all very much indeed for your kindness, now and over the past year, and sends you lots of Happy New Year fluffy hugs. He hopes you will all have a wonderful year ahead xoxo

Algy is eagerly looking forward to lots of exciting new adventures in the coming year, and hopes that you will continue to enjoy them with him 🙂