Have you visited Algy’s own web site recently? There’s an exciting new Playground area where young readers of Algy’s books can upload their
own paintings and drawings, and their stories and poems, and see them published on Algy’s site – and of course there are lots of other
fluffy features as well 🙂

If there are children in your family, Algy says be sure to check out Algy’s Playground and tell all your friends with young families 🙂


Algy was so excited about Amy’s pictures that he wanted to show them to all the other birds and animals. Fortunately it was an unusually calm day, although very grey and damp, so Algy decided to create an art exhibition by pinning the pictures up in a small tree where all the creatures could see them.

Algy needed to make sure that he could keep the drawings safe when he took the exhibition down, so he asked his assistant whether she had something he could use to put them in. She helpfully provided a very smart folder intended for storing art work, but somehow it didn’t quite work out as Algy had hoped. It seemed very much as though the folder had ideas of its own…

The following day it rained and rained and rained, right through the day, and Algy didn’t dare get Amy’s beautiful drawings out to look at, because he knew that the rain would spoil them. So he had to wait another day… but eventually his patience was rewarded, and the rain stopped for a while. Algy quickly took the drawings out of their envelope and found that they were all different – there were some very fine portraits of him, two drawings of a beautiful princess, and a lovely full-colour drawing of a gorgeous female eagle. That was the one which Algy loved most of all, and he wondered whether it was a picture of Amy :))

[One of the drawings of the princess puzzled Algy’s assistant for a while, but Algy could of course see at once that it was a portrait of the princess doing her yoga, viewed from the back!]

It was a dreary sort of wet kind of dismal type of day, and by the late afternoon Algy was getting very fed up indeed – until the post bird arrived to deliver the mail. To Algy’s surprise, there was a very exciting-looking letter for him, with an Italian stamp on it! Algy quickly found a comfy perch on the damp moss, and opened his letter eagerly. It was from his little friend Amy – a young lady, six and a half years old, who lives in Italy. Algy was so excited! Amy had sent him some drawings which she had made especially for him! Thank you very much, Amy – Algy sends you lots of special fluffy hugs and kisses xoxoxo

Unfortunately it started to rain again as Algy was looking at Amy’s pictures, so he quickly put them back in the envelope to keep dry, and decided to save looking at the rest of the drawings until tomorrow…

[For a better-quality version of this GIF, please visit Algy’s own web site, as Tumblr would not upload the high-quality version.]