Algy GIFs on Tumblr TV!

Are you a fan of Algy’s GIFs?

If so, this is for you 🙂 Click on the link –

Algy on Tumblr TV!

As you may know, Tumblr have just launched a new feature, Tumblr TV. By going to and entering a tag such as Algy in the search box, (or adding the tag into the URL after you will get a non-stop playback of GIFs with that tag 🙂

At first Algy thought it was a silly gag… until he tried it for himself 🙂 Try it! Each GIF plays for a few loops, and is then replaced by another one. Mesmerizing!

p.s. Algy is very sorry that he hasn’t been posting new GIFs recently – it’s because he has been so busy with his book. He will start posting GIFs again very soon now 🙂

Have a happy, animated weekend, everyone xoxoxo

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