The next morning was unusually sunny, and Algy was in high spirits. Not only had he rescued himself from the sea, but he had salvaged a bag of treasure too! So when the sun rose above the ridge he set off eagerly, leaving the dunes behind him, and soon reached a rocky outcrop with a very fine outlook. Some of the islands were lost in the bank of clouds on the horizon, but the innermost of the Small Isles were just about visible. Fom time to time the spray on the rocky north coast of the headland rose high enough to be visible as a white fringe where the peat bogs met the sea.

Algy leaned back against a rock and thought about his sack of baubles. They were too heavy for him to carry very far, so he needed to find a place to store them safely for a while. But most of all, he wanted to find a Christmas tree to hang them on and, although the view was beautiful, there was not a single tree in sight …

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