Algy found it very difficult to choose five photographs from his Adventures in 2016 for the wonderful GRAY-CARD’S YEAR END TOP 5 PHOTO EXTRAVAGANZA, but in the end he selected these five images, which reflect the changing seasons in the West Highlands of Scotland… Algy’s home 🙂

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Algy sends lots of fluffy hugs and his fluffiest thanks to @gray-card for organising this wonderful end-of-year exhibition xoxo


Gray-Card’s Year End Top 5 Photo Extravaganza!

Algy found it impossibly difficult to select five favourite photos from 2015, but he likes all of these, for different reasons 🙂

And he sends lots of fluffy thanks to Gray-Card for their support and all their wonderful work over the past year. He hopes that the year ahead will be a happy one for you all, and sends you lots of fluffy hugs.

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When the Scotch mist came down during the winter months, the bare trees looked more beautiful than ever. Algy loved to sit and gaze at the wonderful maze of twisty branches silhouetted against the pale, hazy background, and study the rich pattern of lichens which would be hidden when the leaves returned. As he perched on a rock beneath the wet branches, he felt a constant soft drip, drip, dripping on his head, and remembered a haiku by Matsuo Bashō. Soon it would indeed be spring:

          Spring rain
          conveyed under the trees
          in drops.

This post is dedicated to Algy’s friend lillianhowan, who is currently setting up a new online literary magazine nimbuscat on Tumblr. The first issue, to be published this spring, will be devoted to writing on the subject of wood 🙂

[ Algy is quoting a haiku by the 17th century Japanese master Matsuo Bashō. ]

The weather was changing again, and Algy knew that soon the snow and ice would turn to rain and mush, so he decided to explore some of the higher ground before all the snow melted. He flew for a few miles, up to the moor, and surveyed the scene in each direction. It certainly looked bleak, and he was very glad that he had followed his friends’ advice and kept his hat on his head, as that wind whistling through the moorland grasses was bitingly cold.

Algy’s personal “top 5” selection of animated GIFs from 2014, for Gray-Card gray-card by kind invitation – thank you!

Algy found it very difficult to choose five favourites from so many diverse adventures, but these are certainly among the best from 2014, showing various aspects of Algy’s fluffy life and his West Highlands environment :-))))

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Wishing you all a very fluffy and wonderful year ahead in 2015 xoxoxo

(Note: sadly, these GIFs display blown up in poor quality on Algy’s blog – a feature of the photo set. But they should look OK on the dash, he hopes!)

Gray-Card gray-card very kindly suggested to Algy that he make a “top 5” set of images to help promote Algy’s crowdfunding campaign. The campaign certainly has been the highlight of Algy’s year, and the support and encouragement from all his friends has been absolutely fantastic. Algy sends his very fluffiest thanks to you all xoxoxo

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It was a surprisingly fine September day for the West Highlands, and although a strange white mist hung rather ominously over the ridges in the distance, it felt comfortably warm in the hazy sunshine. Algy decided to spend the afternoon just wandering around the local landscape, admiring the colours of the moorland in all its autumn glory, and sticking his beak into patches of heather to make sure that they smelled of honey. As he inhaled the comforting scent of the tiny flowers in one particular clump, he remembered a much less pleasant afternoon he had spent in that very same spot, on the first day of February this year – and he began to wonder what the coming winter would bring…