Algy found a soft perch on a wee mossy bank on the forest floor, in a spot where the sunbeams could warm his face feathers. It was a peaceful, sheltered place to while away a Saturday afternoon, so he settled down happily to ponder on adventures, forests, poetry, and other sundry delights… As he gazed upwards through the tangle of old branches at the complex patchwork of shadow and light above him, he remembered a poem:

          Out of the deep and the dark,
          A sparkling mystery, a shape,
          Something perfect,
          Comes like the stir of the day:
          One whose breath is an odor,
          Whose eyes show the road to stars,
          The breeze in his face,
          The glory of heaven on his back.
          He steps like a vision hung in air,
          Diffusing the passion of eternity;
          His abode is the sunlight of morn,
          The music of eve his speech:
          In his sight,
          One shall turn from the dust of the grave,
          And move upward to the woodland.

Algy hopes you will all find a sheltered, peaceful spot in the sun this weekend 🙂

[Algy is quoting the poem The Poet by the early 20th century Japanese poet Yone Noguchi.]