Sunday Selfie, February 2017


Dear friends at PWS and throughout the Tumblrverse, Algy wishes you a very happy Selfie Sunday and sends you all lots of frosty fluffy hugs xoxo

Another tradition of the PWS Selfie Sunday is … yes, the fluffiest bird in the whole Tumblrverse: Algy. Star of now already three books (see here:, and overall great lad. Thank you for your fluffy selfie submission! We love it!

PAFBWS – Photo(grapher And Fluffy Bird)s Worth Seeing

And on another bright and frosty morning, Algy sends his fluffiest thanks to all his kind friends atΒ @photosworthseeing for allowing him to participate in the wonderful PWS tradition of Selfie Sunday πŸ™‚ Algy knows that he is not quite like the other creatures who participate in this event, but it seems that he was made to be a wee bit different πŸ™‚

Lots of very fluffy hugs to you all xoxo


When Algy felt sure that the wind was beginning to die down, he picked himself up, brushed himself off, and hopped back up into the hedge. The gale had at least brought some clearer air, and although Algy knew it was unlikely to last, he was greatly relieved to see a wee bit of sunshine and blue sky for a change. In the distance, the largest island was covered in snow, shining white against the mass of dark clouds beyond it, which would no doubt make the island shine even more brightly in due course…

Algy wishes you all a happy Sunday, and hopes that the sun will shine kindly on you today πŸ™‚

As soon as his feathers felt dry and fluffy again, Algy moved out of the cold north-easterly wind. Following the example of the local sheep, he tucked himself under a wee bluff where the overhanging peat and heather would provide the shelter he required. In such a spot it felt postively warm in the low February sun, and so he stretched out his legs and leaned back lazily against the crumbling rock, to enjoy an hour or two of winter sunbathing.

As he relaxed in the sun, looking out over the burnt-orange moorland, Algy thought of all his friends in frozen North America who were struggling to cope with endless weeks of snow and ice, and horribly low temperatures. He hopes that the lovely golden colours of his landscape will help you feel a wee bit warmer again!