Algy wanted to watch the angry sea, but he found that it was impossible for a fluffy bird to withstand the force of the wind, so he wedged himself down tightly into a nook between the rocks, while the waves pounded and crashed and roared all around him.

[Algy apologises for the very jerky nature of this GIF, and he would like to reassure you that the rocks did not in fact move!

Owing to the somewhat challenging conditions for photography, Algy’s assistant was not able to photograph a proper image sequence, nor hold the camera still, and tripods were out of the question without massive sandbags…so this is just a rough slide show to convey some impression of the beginning of the storm.]


Storm Gertrude had officially passed over, but in Algy’s opinion the weather was not exactly improving. The human households around his home had been without power for 15 hours, while sleet, hail and snow was driving in from the ocean and across the hillsides on severe gale force winds from the north-west. It was not a fit day out for man nor beast. And for those who were not enjoying this storm, another one just like it was arriving on Monday…

Birds don’t require electricity, of course, but even birds like to keep warm and fluffy, and that was becoming increasingly difficult.

Keep your heads down, everybody… here comes another blast!

Conditions in the West Highlands of Scotland were a wee bit stormy, to say the least, and likely to continue that way for many more days…

Algy flew down to the Sound, which was more sheltered than the exposed coast by his home, but found that – even there – everything was being flattened by the wind… including him!

It had been an exceedingly stormy week, owing to a phenomenon which humans were calling a weather bomb, and Algy was feeling utterly fed up. He didn’t like bombs of any kind, and this one was no exception. As he watched the angry sea surging and crashing around him in one lightning flash after another, he thought of all the Tumblr friends whose company he was sadly missing :-{{

For many days now Algy’s assistant had had no internet or phone connection in her remote home, and much of the time no electricity either. A phenomenal number of lightning strikes had blasted the West Highlands and many other parts of Scotland, causing widespread network damage on top of the disruption resulting from storm force winds and wintry weather. From time to time she was able to make brief visits to a cold, empty house which for some mysterious reason still had a working broadband connection, but there was no way that Algy could manage to keep up with all his friends until conditions improved significantly. So he huddled down on the dismal, windswept rocks, waiting for the next battering shower of hail and sleet, and wished that it would all calm down and things would return to normal…

Algy is thinking of you all, and hopes very mch that you are enjoying better conditions than he is xoxo

p.s. Algy’s Christmas market is not affected by the storms as it is situated in the virtual world… so if you are looking for unique last-minute Christmas gifts, please be sure to visit Algy’s crowdfunding campaign page at Sponsume. Purchases made over the weekend will be despatched at the beginning of next week by 1st class post (UK) or airmail (overseas).