A Very Fluffy Welcome to Algy’s Surprisingly Fluffy Party!

The day of Algy’s party dawned grey, wet and windy… no surprise for the West Highlands of Scotland in January! So Algy thought that it would be wise to hold his party indoors, to preserve the fluffiness of all his guests.

Algy formally opened the celebrations by arriving in grand style, riding on a fluffy elephant through showers of sparkling bubbles… and when he arrived he saw that many fluffy guests were already assembled, waiting to welcome him and join his party :))) A very fluffy welcome to you all!

The party starts right now, and will continue for the next 15 hours on lovefromalgy

You are ALL invited to join in, and Algy will be reblogging your surprisingly fluffy photos and texts throughout the party, as well as some surprisingly fluffy surprises of his own :)))

If you have not yet submitted a photo or a link for Algy to reblog during the party, don’t worry – you can do it any time today, up to midnight GMT tonight (Sunday). Please join Algy and all his friends!

Let’s party! xoxoxo

All party posts will appear on lovefromalgy and if you would like to join in, please use the lovefromalgy submission form or send Algy a link to reblog – thank you all xoxo


Today the Tumblr gods worked some of their amazing magic, and Algy suddenly found that he had a large number of new followers from all around the world. He was utterly astonished and delighted, and so naturally he immediately had to do a special Happy Dance 🙂

Algy wishes all you lovely new followers a very warm and fluffy welcome, and he hopes that you will enjoy his adventures in the West Highlands of Scotland.

And of course Algy also wants to share the Happy Dance with all his kind followers and sweet Tumblr friends who have been following his adventures so far.

So – dear followers, old and new – please stop whatever else you may be doing, and join Algy in this special Happy Dance today :-))

Algy loves you all xoxo