Lots of Algy’s friends and followers on Tumblr have been especially kind to him recently. This makes Algy feel very happy and warm underneath his bedgraggled feathers, despite the horrible November weather. Algy is blowing kisses to you all in the rain xxxxx

Algy sends special greetings to all his new followers, and his love and heartfelt thanks to all those loyal friends who have been following his Adventures for a while. Thank you all for your kindness, your “hearts”, your lovely notes and your messages – it truly is you who make Algy’s Adventures worthwhile 🙂

And Algy sends extra kisses and a rather soggy fluffy hug to his new friend Kara of telescopical, not only for reblogging Algy’s posts and introducing him to new friends, but above all for being the “stranger who cares”, and for all the time and energy she devotes to helping other people on Tumblr, especially young people in distress. Algy loves you for that, Kara xx

Algy was feeling a wee bit under the weather – and recently there had been plenty of weather to be under. Although it was the “height” of summer, it did nothing but rain. Misty, light rain and torrential, heavy rain; vertical, calm rain and horizontal, gale-force rain; cold, drenching rain and mild, showery rain. Algy felt utterly damp. So he perched on a fence post and chanted an old rhyme which he had learned when he was a chick:

          Whether the weather be fine,
          Or whether the weather be not,
          We’ll weather the weather
          Whatever the weather,
          Whether we like it or not!

The West Highland summer weather had reverted to a more normal pattern and Algy was feeling a wee bit disgruntled, not to mention damp and windswept. But it was always pleasant to sit by the burn, whatever the weather, and listen to the gentle trickling sounds it made as it passed by.

Listen to the sounds that Algy heard while sitting by the burn.