This is a wee bit closer to Algy’s experience on the headland rocks yesterday, although it doesn’t quite convey what it’s actually like to be there. In reality, the noise of the sea was much louder, crashing and booming on the rocks all around, and the noise of the wind was relatively insignificant (except to a built-in camera mic!).

Posted especially for all Algy’s friends who love the sea but don’t get to visit it very often 🙂

[Hand-held video recording with camera shake and plenty of wind noise to add authenticity 🙂 Algy’s assistants couldn’t manage to get the tripod to this remote location, which requires a steep descent (and subsequent ascent) at a remote spot on the headland – unless of course you are a fluffy bird and can fly there…]

p.s. Anyone know how to provide an adequate wind shield for a built-in mic on a still image digital camera?


The wind just would not stop blowing, and although Algy wanted to collect shells on the beach, he was feeling terribly sick of sand: sand stuck in his hair, sand all over his face, sand embedded between his fluffy feathers, sand flying everywhere… So he shook himself off again, and moved to the rocks, where there wasn’t any sand to blow about. He discovered a smooth, sheltered hollow where the wind couldn’t reach him, and leaned back against the warm rock, to soak up the last of the late summer sunshine, and listen to the water splashing on the rock and the waves breaking on the beach.

Have a happy, relaxing weekend, everyone xoxo

(Algy apologises for the wind noise on the soundtrack – the same wind that was blowing the sand everywhere – but he thought you might like to hear the sea. He also apologises for the compression artefacts.)

The gale had passed for the time being, and the world was calmer for a while. Algy perched on a seaweed-covered rock and watched the constantly changing pattern of the quietened waves swirling smoothly on the sand around him. In this very gently sloping area of the beach, the water was rarely very deep, so it remained semi-transparent, providing some beautiful sea colours in the right light.

Algy would like to dedicate this video to all his friends who need a calming, soothing influence in their lives just now xoxo

[Algy apologises for the wind noise on the soundtrack – it may be calm, but it’s not that calm!]

Can any video experts out there – tvoom perhaps? – tell Algy’s assistant why all her videos appear much darker once they are loaded to Tumblr than they do when the same videos are simply played on her computer, on the same screen? So far, all attempts to compensate for this have failed.


Algy’s birthday was unusually sunny and calm, and Algy spent a wonderful birthday afternoon out on the headland, watching the waves rolling in from the Atlantic ocean causing turmoil around the rocks. In this one area only, breakers form (on the right) although this is deep water and there is no beach in sight. The rock out in the water on the left is in fact an inaccessible island – inaccessible, that is, except for birds and seals 🙂

[ This video was produced in a hurry, and Algy did not bother to edit the sound. He decided to leave the soundtrack on, as he thought you might like to hear the sound of the waves crashing, although they are quite distant. But you can also hear the wind hitting the mic and some extraneous noises, for which he apologises 🙂 ]

This is full HD video and so best viewed in HD (click button lower right in video window) and full screen, but it may take a wee while to load…