It was a gorgeous, calm autumn day – perhaps the last comfortably warm day of the year – and Algy had settled himself down in a cozy patch of bell heather on the headland, intending to enjoy a pleasant afternoon’s siesta in the sunshine. All of a sudden, a flock of wee chattering birds passed overhead, laughing and calling out to each other “Algy’s on the Radar!”, “Algy’s on the Radar!”, “Algy’s on Tumblr Radar and he’s dozing in the heather!!” Algy woke up with a start and gasped in astonishment…

When he had gathered his wits about him, Algy hurried off to find his assistant. She confirmed that while he thought he had been dozing lazily in the sun, he had actually been appearing on the Tumblr Radar, eating cotoneaster berries! What an amazingly exciting time Algy is having at the moment!!

Algy wants to thank all those very kind friends who wrote to congratulate him on his Radar appearance – thank you very much indeed, and the fluffiest of hugs for you all – and for the mysterious Tumblr gods too, of course! xoxo


Today Algy rushed down to the sea to do a special Happy Dance of Joy – he was on Tumblr Radar again! Yippppeeeeeeeeee!!!

(Algy says please click through to his own web site to see the longer, high quality version of this Happy Dance GIF.)

When Algy woke up this morning, he got a big surprise. One of his stormy adventures had received over 6,000 notes while he was sleeping, several of his friends had sent him kind congratulations, and he had acquired hundreds of new followers overnight. And to make Algy’s day perfect, the sun was shining for the first time in weeks!

So Algy says “Thank you all very much indeed!” He sends you all lots of fluffy hugs, and an extra special welcome to his new followers. And if the Tumblr gods are watching, Algy sends you lots of fluffy hugs too, and invites you to join him in his Happy Dance :)))

Yippppeeeeeeeeee!  Algy is on Tumblr Radar today!

Algy was beginning to feel a wee bit downhearted, having been trying to paddle his float away from the rocks for some time, when suddenly a Storm petrel swept by. “One of your adventures is on Tumblr Radar!” it cried, as it passed overhead.

Algy couldn’t believe it. He never dreamed that his adventures would be noticed by the Tumblr gods. Completely flabbergasted and amazed, Algy threw all caution to the winds and leaped into the sea to splash about wildly with joy!

Algy wants to thank the mysterious Tumblr gods and all the people who have been so kind as to follow, “like” or reblog his adventures on Tumblr. He sends a happy welcome to the hundreds of new followers he has acquired today, and very special thanks to those loyal followers and friends who have been supporting him over the past year. Thank you – Algy loves you all 🙂  xx

[The adventure which appeared on the Radar is this one by a trickling burn.]

The storm raged on, and Algy clung onto the rocks. The wind was too strong to try flying to a safer place …

Algy dedicates this post especially to all those who have never seen the ocean raging on the rocks, or who love the sea but live far away from it – and in particular to Mitch who asked for a GIF 🙂

Although the river was beautiful, it lacked the soft intimacy of the wee burn which joined it. Algy was fascinated by the clear, shallow water sparkling over its dark bed of stones and peat, and by all the green ferns and mosses which thrived in the damp environment. There were so many tiny details to study; every part of the burn and its banks seemed alive and busy.

Listen to the sounds of the burn, with the river in the background, just as Algy heard them …