One of the guests at Algy’s Magical Midwinter Star party decided to try a special dance which is described in Algy’s book The Magical Midwinter Star 🙂

The first person who REBLOGS this GIF together with A CAPTION INCLUDING THE NAME OF THAT DANCE from Algy’s book will win a signed paperback copy of The Magical Midwinter Star.

Sorry – but the three people who have already won copies of the book by entering the Photo Challenge may not win another copy. Just one book per person 🙂

There are still 2 prizes left in the Photo Challenge at the time of posting this GIF…

And if you have not yet joined Algy’s Magical Midwinter Star party over on @lovefromalgy, hurry on over… 🙂



Welcome to Algy’s Magical Midwinter Star Party, which is starting now on his sideblog @lovefromalgy

But what’s this? Algy doesn’t seem to be quite ready… a wee bit of bother with the party decorations…

But never mind 🙂 There will be lots of fluffy surprises, a special photo challenge, free gifts (giveaways) and prizes, and all kinds of fun.

Use the Submit form on lovefromalgy to join the party with your images of the magical midwinter – and send all your fluffy friends to have fun with Algy 🙂

Happy New Year everybody – and a million fluffy hugs for you all xoxo

Algy is very busy preparing the magical stars for his Magical Midwinter Star party – TODAY Sunday 1st January 2017, from 12 noon until late…

on Algy’s sideblog @lovefromalgy

You are all invited, and bring your friends 🙂

Submit your images via or post on your own blog and send Algy a link.


You are ALL invited – and so are all your friends! Please share 🙂

To celebrate the launch of his new book, The Magical Midwinter Star, Algy is holding a very special Tumblr party on his sideblog @lovefromalgy

When? SUNDAY 1ST JANUARY 2017 and into the wee hours of the next day…

Where? On Algy’s own sideblog @lovefromalgy

What? One of Algy’s famous Tumblr parties with all his Tumblr friends, and lots of fun and fluffy surprises, treats, and special offers connected with his new book 🙂

How to join in? Submit one or more images, or post on your own blog and send Algy a link – your own original work, please. Details below… And of course come along and enjoy the fun on the day, and late into the night 🙂

Submission details…

Submissions can be made at any time from now until the end of the party. Here’s the link to the Submit form again:

Send all your fluffy friends, beautiful images to celebrate midwinter and the magical midwinter star, and any images of – or inspired by – Algy’s new book, The Magical Midwinter Star 🙂

Photographs and art work are both very welcome, but only submit your own work, please.

Or you can post on your own blog and send Algy a link. Please be sure to send him that link, as he won’t necessarily see your post, even if it’s tagged. (Tumblr does not always work as it should…)

It will be a magical celebration… see you there!

Algy thanks all his wonderful Tumblr friends from the bottom of his surprisingly fluffy heart for making this birthday so very special! It was undoubtedly his best birthday ever, and his best Tumblr party ever, and it was all because of you and your amazing contributions to his party 🙂 He sends you all the fluffiest of fluffy hugs.

Thank you, thank you, thank you xoxoxo

The afternoon light was fading fast and it was beginning to get dark, so Algy decided it was high time for refreshments… A crowd of furry and fluffy friends gathered round to watch Algy’s birthday candles burn down, eagerly waiting for the homemade chocolate brownies (with cherries!) and banana splits to be served 🙂

There’s plenty of cake and ice cream for all, so if you haven’t joined Algy’s party yet, hurry on over to @lovefromalgy – everybody is having a wonderful time!

And for those kind friends who were wondering, it’s not too late to join in, as the party is set to run long into the night 🙂 Just use the lovefromalgy submission form or send Algy a link to a post on your blog.

Today is Algy’s 4th Tumblr birthday – Happy Birthday Algy!

Algy is holding a big birthday party all day today on his sideblog @lovefromalgy – don’t miss it!

You are all invited… there will be lots of fun and ice cream, wonderful images from Algy’s friends, and all
kinds of fluffy surprises! To join in the fun and celebrations, please
use the lovefromalgy submission form or send Algy a link to a post on your own blog.

And don’t forget that Algy is offering the Kindle version of his latest story book The Tree with a Golden Heart  FREE TO DOWNLOAD from any Amazon site, all day today.



Algy and his friends were amazed by the glow from the Kindle version of Algy’s  book The Tree with a Golden Heart, and he hopes that you will be too 🙂

To celebrate his 4th Tumblr birthday, Algy is offering the Kindle version of his latest story book  The Tree with a Golden Heart  FREE TO DOWNLOAD from any Amazon site, all day on Sunday 13th March 2016…


for one week from Sunday 13th March through Sunday 20th March!

That’s right – Algy is offering signed copies of paperback and hardback editions of
The Tree with a Golden Heart and his first book A Surprisingly Fluffy Bird at 25% off the retail price, and you can
choose your own personal dedication. Buy direct from the fluffy bird
himself 🙂


The Kindle book can be read on almost any computer or mobile device using a free
app from Amazon. Here are the direct links to the Kindle book:

Amazon UK

Amazon Germany

Amazon France

Amazon Italy

Amazon Spain

Amazon Netherlands

Amazon Japan

Amazon USA

Amazon Canada

Amazon Australia

The Kindle book offer will close at approximately midnight PST on Sunday 13th March, but Amazon control the exact time that it ends.

The Scotch mist kept sweeping across the sea and the hills in huge fuzzy waves, obscuring everything as it smothered the land with a swirling wet blanket of pale grey. Algy found himself a perch on a damp but comfortable rock, and looked around. The landscape as a whole had mostly vanished, but as he gazed at the damp mosses and lichens on his rock, and the tangled stems of last year’s bracken, he found that the colours began to glow, despite the general greyness of the mist. Higher up in the branches above his head, a robin started to sing in a beautiful, clear voice, and Algy smiled. It might still look like winter, but tomorrow was his birthday and that meant that spring, with all its flowers and songs, was just around the next corner!

Algy sends his fluffiest thanks to all his wonderful friends who have already sent birthday posts and greetings for his birthday celebrations tomorrow.

Algy invites you all to his 4th Tumblr birthday party on Algy’s own sideblog @lovefromalgy tomorrow (Sunday 13th March 2016) – there will be lots of fun, free Kindle books, ice cream, wonderful images from Algy’s friends, and all kinds of fluffy surprises! To join in the fun and celebrations, please use the lovefromalgy submission form or send Algy a link to a post on your own blog.


A Date for Your Diary!

Next Sunday, 13th March, Algy celebrates his 4th Tumblr Birthday!

Algy can hardly believe that he has been sharing his adventures with you all for four years, but that’s what his archive says! Algy’s first Tumblr post was on 13th March 2012, and he has had many exciting adventures since then – and has had a truly amazing time getting to know so many wonderful Tumblr friends and seeing all your inspiring images 🙂

Help Algy celebrate his birthday next Sunday, 13th March – on his sideblog @lovefromalgy. All submissions, greetings and birthday celebrations welcome 🙂  Algy will hold a Tumblr birthday party all day Sunday 13th and well into the night to share all your posts and contributions.

Use the lovefromalgy submission form or send Algy a link to one of your own posts for him to reblog.

Please share this invitation – and don’t miss Algy’s Birthday Party!