adventuresofalgy has been featured as a Trending Blog on Tumblr!

Algy is flabbergasted, thrilled, delighted and amazed.

Algy sends a huge welcome and lots of surprisingly fluffy hugs from the wild west Highlands of Scotland to all his lovely new followers – and lots of fluffy hugs too for all his wonderful “old” friends here on Tumblr. Algy loves you all xoxoxo

Please expect some shameless reblogs of some of Algy’s favourite GIFs and photo posts over the next few days, as well as some exciting new adventures. Algy is having the time of his life 🙂

Long live Tumblr!


There were still some bumble bees buzzing around the last of the summer flowers, so Algy decided to conceal himself in a hydrangea bush in order to get a closer view of his fuzzy friends.

Listen to the sounds of the bees buzzing around Algy.

As he watched a pretty bee going round and round in front of his beak, Algy reflected on the recent upsurge in the number of his Tumblr followers. He guessed that his Adventures had been featured as a “Recommended Blog” for a couple of weeks, although he really wasn’t quite sure. In any case, everything had returned to normal now, except that he had lots of lovely new followers. If you have started following Algy’s Adventures very recently, Algy thanks you kindly, and offers you a warm and very fluffy welcome. He hopes that you will stay in his world awhile :-))

Algy couldn’t help wondering what it would be like to become really famous, and he was inevitably reminded of Emily Dickinson’s short poem:

          Fame is a bee.
          It has a song—
          It has a sting—
          Ah, too, it has a wing.

This post is dedicated to the mysterious Tumblr god(s) who helped Algy find so many new followers, and also to his special Tumblr friend in Australia veganmarley who loves every kind of creature and wants to know more about the West Highland bumble bees xoxo

[Algy is quoting the poem Fame is a bee (1788) by the 19th century American poet Emily Dickinson.]

Today the Tumblr gods worked some of their amazing magic, and Algy suddenly found that he had a large number of new followers from all around the world. He was utterly astonished and delighted, and so naturally he immediately had to do a special Happy Dance 🙂

Algy wishes all you lovely new followers a very warm and fluffy welcome, and he hopes that you will enjoy his adventures in the West Highlands of Scotland.

And of course Algy also wants to share the Happy Dance with all his kind followers and sweet Tumblr friends who have been following his adventures so far.

So – dear followers, old and new – please stop whatever else you may be doing, and join Algy in this special Happy Dance today :-))

Algy loves you all xoxo

Today Algy rushed down to the sea to do a special Happy Dance of Joy – he was on Tumblr Radar again! Yippppeeeeeeeeee!!!

(Algy says please click through to his own web site to see the longer, high quality version of this Happy Dance GIF.)

When Algy woke up this morning, he got a big surprise. One of his stormy adventures had received over 6,000 notes while he was sleeping, several of his friends had sent him kind congratulations, and he had acquired hundreds of new followers overnight. And to make Algy’s day perfect, the sun was shining for the first time in weeks!

So Algy says “Thank you all very much indeed!” He sends you all lots of fluffy hugs, and an extra special welcome to his new followers. And if the Tumblr gods are watching, Algy sends you lots of fluffy hugs too, and invites you to join him in his Happy Dance :)))