Diamonds are Algy’s Best Friend


Algy is a collector of diamonds. Not those brash, unyielding, expensive rocks, once said to be “a girl’s best friend”, which human beings seem to value so highly, and for which some even risk their lives or their fortunes, but those far more precious and ephemeral gems which dance across the water of Scottish seas and lochs when the sun infuses them with life. Of course, Algy cannot collect them literally, as they elude even the most skilful and persistent captor, but he stores them in his mind, so that their brilliance can illuminate even the darkest days which may lie ahead. A creature with a head full of treasures such as these is rich indeed 🙂


Although it looked as though it was about to rain again, it wasn’t actually raining at that moment, and the wind had died down to a breeze. So Algy decided to go and inspect the peat bogs. The fresh greens of summer had turned to rusty reds and browns, which would make the whole landscape glow if the sun were shining … but of course it wasn’t. However, at least ice wasn’t falling out of the sky, as it had been doing for the past two days.

The pretty summer flowers had long since gone, of course, but Algy found some lovely touches of gold in the remaining few leaves of the battered old oak trees. Algy knew that there were always treasures to find if you searched for them…

After every storm, Algy looks to see whether the wind has brought him any new treasures. Under the trees Algy found a pretty metal box with a funny little key on the side. When he tried winding the key, he got quite a surprise.

[If you would like to hear what Algy heard, listen to his audio post.]