When Algy woke up on Saturday morning, he saw a scene from a storybook. The wind had dropped completely – a most unusual phenomenon in the West Highlands – and large flakes of velvety snow were falling gently and silently from the misty white sky. Despite the wintry conditions it felt much warmer without any wind, so Algy found a comfortable perch and watched happily as the snow covered him and all the world in a soft white coat.

This post is especially dedicated to Algy’s friend the abominable snow photographer tiernanogphoto :)))

Have a happy and cosy weekend everyone xoxoxo

After a while, Algy flew out of the dim interior of the forest, into the bright clearing he had seen through the tree trunks. There were many wild rhoododendron bushes growing on the sunny side of the tall forest trees, and although technically an invasive weed, they were a beautiful sight to see, especially when combined with the masses of bluebells flowering among the long grasses. The colours of the flowers were lovely, but Algy was also fascinated by the amazing range of spring greens that surrounded him. He thought that there were more different green colours just in that one forest clearing than he could possibly count…

Algy dedicates this rhododendron bush especially to his friend tiernanogphoto 🙂