Although the wee waterfalls in the West Highland woodlands – and the trickling burns – sound very similar to one another, each one has its own distinctive voice, which changes all the time as the supply of water varies.

This is the sound that Algy heard while perching by this wee waterfall.

Many of Algy’s Tumblr friends are fathers, so he wishes you all a very Happy Father’s Day, and sends you all fluffy hugs in case your children should happen to forget 🙂 He hopes you will all have a lovely day.

Most of all he sends a very special Father’s Day hug to his assitant’s father xxx

In the little book of haiku that Algy is reading among the flowers, it says:

          Even these long days
          are not nearly long enough
          for the skylarks to sing

[Algy is reading a classic haiku by the Japanese master Basho, in The Sound of Water, an anthology of haiku translated by the American poet Sam Hamill.]