Unlike in the southern parts of the UK and mainland Europe, it was not a lovely, warm and sunny spring day in the West Highlands, but a dismal, cold, damp and depressing sort of day. But at least the wind had died down, and Algy was determined to make the best of it, so he found a spot among the snowdrops in his friends’ garden, beside the very first daffodils of the year, and settled down to read.

This is especially for Algy’s friend Anna annaaslund in Sweden, who has been “looking forward to a picture of Algy in the middle of some snödroppar very soon”, and for his friend Guido guisch73, who told Algy “they are called Schneeglöckchen” in Germany: little snow bells – what a lovely name 🙂

And it is also for all Algy’s friends in the frozen north of America and Canada – he hopes very much that you will see your own spring flowers very soon, and although it is no longer February, he is sure you will say:

          Many, many welcomes,
          February fair-maid,
          Ever as of old time,
          Solitary firstling,
          Coming in the cold time,
          Prophet of the gay time,
          Prophet of the May time,
          Prophet of the roses,
          Many, many welcomes,
          February fair-maid!

[Algy is reading the poem The Snowdrop by Alfred, Lord Tennyson.]