Friendship Sparkles


Algy has been deeply touched by all the sweet “welcome back” messages and comments which he has received from so many friends around the world since his return two days ago. He can’t help wondering whether any other fluffy bird ever had friends like this before… So he sends you all his very fluffiest hugs and his warmest thanks, and these lines from an Aztec poem:

Like a quetzal plume, a fragrant flower,
friendship sparkles:
like heron plumes, it weaves itself into finery.
Our song is a bird calling out like a jingle:
how beautiful you make it sound!
Here, among flowers that enclose us,
among flowery boughs you are singing.

[Algy is quoting part of an ancient Aztec poem, which he believes to have been written by Nezahualcoyotl, King of Texcoco in the 15th century.]


Algy lay back happily on the soft carpet of mosses and dry bracken, and gazed up through the trees at the beautiful blue sky. He knew only too well that the wind and the rain would soon return, but on such a day he was just going to relax and “be”, as the poet Longfellow suggested.

Algy was thinking especially of his Tumblr friend Leonard Adams, who had so kindly dedicated the very first post on his new blog spilledfromthecradle to Algy’s adventures. Algy knew that his friend loved the woodlands too, although the forests around his home four thousand miles away were conceived on a rather grander scale, and were covered in ice and snow just now. Algy hoped that very soon the snow would melt and his friend would be able to return to his woodland walks, and enjoy a perfect day like this one:

          O gift of God! O perfect day:
          Whereon shall no man work, but play;
          Whereon it is enough for me,
          Not to be doing, but to be!
          Through every fibre of my brain,
          Through every nerve, through every vein,
          I feel the electric thrill, the touch
          Of life, that seems almost too much.
          I hear the wind among the trees
          Playing celestial symphonies;
          I see the branches downward bent,
          Like keys of some great instrument.
          And over me unrolls on high
          The splendid scenery of the sky,
          Where through a sapphire sea the sun
          Sails like a golden galleon…

Algy hopes that you will all enjoy a truly relaxed weekend, and that the sun will shine in your hearts even if it may not be shining on your heads 🙂

[Algy is quoting part of the poem A Day of Sunshine from Birds of Passage: Flight the Second by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.]

Yippppeeeeeeeeee!  Algy is on Tumblr Radar today!

Algy was beginning to feel a wee bit downhearted, having been trying to paddle his float away from the rocks for some time, when suddenly a Storm petrel swept by. “One of your adventures is on Tumblr Radar!” it cried, as it passed overhead.

Algy couldn’t believe it. He never dreamed that his adventures would be noticed by the Tumblr gods. Completely flabbergasted and amazed, Algy threw all caution to the winds and leaped into the sea to splash about wildly with joy!

Algy wants to thank the mysterious Tumblr gods and all the people who have been so kind as to follow, “like” or reblog his adventures on Tumblr. He sends a happy welcome to the hundreds of new followers he has acquired today, and very special thanks to those loyal followers and friends who have been supporting him over the past year. Thank you – Algy loves you all 🙂  xx

[The adventure which appeared on the Radar is this one by a trickling burn.]

It was an exceedingly grey, soggy sort of day, but Algy was in very high spirits because his old friend had gone home from the hospital today and was even able to walk up the stairs! His friend was resting in bed again just now, and Algy knew that he would have many challenges ahead on his road to recovery, but he was already making excellent progress. So Algy flew up into his tree and sang a celebratory song in the mist, right at the top of his voice so that his old friend would be able to hear him, many, many miles away.

Algy’s old friend has asked him to tell you all how deeply touched he has been by your kind thoughts and wishes from around the world. It has been a great help to him at this difficult time, and enormously encouraging and heartwarming. Thank you all very much :)) xx

Algy was very happy and relieved to hear that his old friend in hospital was feeling a bit better. He wanted to find some pretty flowers for him, and also for all his kind Tumblr friends who had sent their good wishes, healing thoughts, and prayers for his old friend’s recovery. Algy reckoned that he would need to find a large number of flowers altogether, so he was delighted to discover a lovely rambling rose which seemed to have plenty to offer …

Algy thanks you all very much indeed for your kindness and good wishes – please take some of these lovely fragrant roses, with their hearts of gold 🙂  xx

Algy went in search of a wild orchid for his old friend who was in hospital. He was so happy to find the beautiful flower, as they don’t normally bloom so late in the year. Now he knew that his friend would be all right, and would soon be up and about again 🙂

Algy sends his fluffiest thanks to all his kind Tumblr friends who have sent him messages or left comments wishing his old friend luck and a speedy recovery. It is so sweet of you all, and very much appreciated. Thank you all xx

As evening fell, pale glowing mists began to form over the sea, along the course of the burn and above the peat bogs. It seemed as though the islands were floating on a soft bed of clouds. Algy was fascinated by this phenomenon, so he perched on a handy fence post, to watch and wait for the mists to swirl in over him.

This post is dedicated to Algy’s dear friend Jürgen, with his warmest thanks. Herzlichen Dank, mein lieber Freund xx

It stopped raining for a while, and the sun put in a brief appearance, so Algy decided to seize the opportunity to practise his camouflage techniques in the hay field, just in case any unfriendly landscape photographers should happen to pass by …

But Algy found that fluffy white birds with bright yellow hair just don’t seem to blend in with that kind of environment very well. So he decided that he would simply have to hope for the best, and in the meantime he would enjoy sitting quietly among all the different grasses and wildflowers.

Algy was deeply touched by the support and messages he received from so many Tumblr friends yesterday. He loves you too, and thanks you all very much indeed 🙂 He sends lots of extra fluffy hugs to you all xx

Algy has scrambled into an extremely prickly climbing rose bush in order to pick some fragrant flowers especially for you, his lovely followers and Tumblr friends 🙂

Algy offers you these roses to thank you all very much indeed for following and liking his adventures, for making such wonderful comments, and for sending him messages. He appreciates your friendship and support more than he can say 🙂

Algy loves you all and hopes you are all having a very happy day xx

Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening, and Welcome!

At Christmas time a kind neighbour gave Algy a large bulb from Holland, and told him to plant it in a pot. Imagine Algy’s surprise when, a few months later, he found that this had happened! The amazing flowers were almost bigger than him!

So Algy would like to offer this spectacular plant to all his lovely followers and friends on Tumblr. Algy has been thrilled to gain many new followers recently, and thanks you all very much indeed 🙂  He is so pleased that you enjoy his adventures! And he is also very touched by the kindness and loyalty of his special Tumblr friends and older followers – he loves you all xxx

Algy is so happy to get all your messages and comments, and he wants you to know that he always tries to reply personally without delay, but sometimes he doesn’t quite manage to keep up with things, as it’s a wee bit difficult to type with fluffy wings. But he really loves to hear from you all, and will keep on answering your messages as quickly as he can 🙂 He also enjoys all your wonderful blogs, and thanks you very much for sharing all your beautiful images from around the world.

Have a lovely day, and enjoy your flowers!