Spring has Sprung :)


It was a fine spring afternoon on the warmest day so far this year. Of course that doesn’t mean it was warm by the standards of some of Algy’s friends around the world; indeed, they would probably have found it quite chilly. But it was decidedly warm for the Scottish Highlands in March and, better still, there was very little wind. Algy noticed that some of the other birds were sunbathing for the first time this spring, so he decided to try it too. The skylarks were singing overhead, some early bumble bees were busy among the flowers, and there was even a butterfly fluttering about, so Algy spent a very pleasant and peaceful Sunday afternoon, resting among the daffodils in the sunshine, and he hopes that you have all enjoyed a happy Sunday afternoon too 🙂




Algy hopped over to a denser patch of Marram grass, and made himself comfortable on a bed of the long, curving stems. It felt almost warm, tucked in there among the dry grasses of the sand dunes, and Algy began to doze happily in the sunshine, while the waves played merrily on the beach in front of him.


The secret to sunbathing – or to keeping warm at all – in the West Highlands of Scotland, is to find yourself a wee sheltered spot, out of the wind…

Algy wishes his dear friends at PWS and all his friends on Tumblr a very Happy Selfie Sunday 🙂


Thank you for your fluffy selfie submission! We love it!

PAFBWS  – Photo(grapher)s And Fluffy Birds Worth Seeing

Algy loves to participate in the wonderful photosworthseeing Selfie Sunday event, and he spends the two months between each Selfie Sunday looking forward to the next one 🙂

So Algy sends lots of extra fluffy hugs to all the wonderful folk at PWS who work so hard to make this event such fun for everyone who participates. There were some truly amazing selfies this month and Algy really enjoyed looking at them 🙂 Thank you all at photosworthseeing very much indeed xoxoxo

In the West Highlands of Scotland, it’s necessary to seize every chance that you can for sunbathing, as those chances may be very few and far between. And it’s worth knowing which spots are just ideal for soaking up the sunshine, especially when the air and the wind are cold – but be sure to check that the tide is going out, and not coming in 🙂