Algy extracted himself safely from the sea foam, but his feathers were drenched and thick with salty sand. So he found a rock with a fine view of the bay, gave his feathers a thorough shake, and settled there for a while to dry out in the afternoon sun, watching the sea playing merrily all around him.

Algy hopes that you will all have a happy, sunny, carefree weekend 🙂

It was such a dark grey day that the world seemed to have lost all its colours except brown… and grey, of course. Algy longed for some brightness and sunshine and warmth, but there was not even a wind to blow the clouds away. Nothing moved; nothing changed. And then, just when Algy had resigned himself to the gloom, the post bird came flying by. Algy only occasionally receives any mail, so he was startled when a postcard landed at his feet. It had flown all the way from California, that sunny land many thousands of miles away. But that wasn’t the most extraordinary thing… someone had sent him his own special sun! Algy was delighted and amazed. He immediately flew up into the nearest tree, and put the sun into the sky where it belonged. Now his day would be bright after all!

Thank you, thank you Jules! There is no gift better than sunshine on a cold, grey day :)))