The Adventures of Algy is a very fluffy blog which I have been following since my introduction to Tumblr.  Jenny sent me this sweet picture of Algy looking at my Tumblr blog and said “Algy was fascinated by the way the reflections of the trees and bushes here in the West Highlands interact with your gorgeous artwork on the screen. He hopes you will like it too. At least he managed to make your colours glow!” Indeed he did and my heart too 🙂

Algy enjoys looking at your wonderful digital artwork, because he truly does!”

Jenny, creator of Algy, has been an active supporter of my blog/work. She has sent me thoughtful criticism and compliments which have, at times, brought me out of a dark place.  She is one of the very rare followers who makes my time on Tumblr more rich.

At this moment, there is a campaign on,, to make it possible for Jenny and Algy to create a line of books for children, “Tales from The Adventures of Algy.”  Reading books to my child when she was young is truly one of my most fond memories.  I hope to read Algy’s Tales to my grandchildren someday.  

I encourage you all to make this possible for everyone!  Help spread the sweetness and, of course, the fluffiness!  

Go to and do whatever you can.

May your new year start with a fantastically fluffy feeling!

If Algy could blush – which actually he cannot – he would certainly be blushing now!

Thank you so much, dear Stefanie stefaniejasper for this wonderful promotion and your sweet words. Your support and your kindness is hugely appreciated. Algy sends you lots and lots of fluffy hugs xoxoxo


After a while, Algy managed to stop staring at the swinging necklace, removed it from the bush, and hung it around his neck where it belonged. Gathering up his gifts and the pretty card, he flew up onto a low perch, and propped the card up in a forked branch so that the birds would feel at home. But it seemed that the hypnotic effect of the necklace had not entirely worn off, because Algy found that he just couldn’t stop looking first one way and then the other; one way and then the other; one way and then the other …

Thank you again for your lovely gifts, stefaniejasper :)))

Eventually – and with a wee bit of assistance – Algy managed to open the exciting parcel that had flown all the way across the ocean, sent from the USA by his friend stefaniejasper. Nestling in tissue paper within the box, there was an envelope with “Algy” written on it inside a heart – so Algy guessed that it was meant for him 🙂  When he opened the envelope he found a lovely card with a bird design on the front, and a sweet message written inside it. But that wasn’t all! Underneath the envelope there was a beautiful little bag in very pretty colours. The drawstring wasn’t very easy to loosen with feathery wings, but after a while Algy succeeded in opening the bag, and discovered another, very special heart. This was a gorgeous sparkling heart that dangled on a handmade necklace and danced in the light. Algy was absolutely entranced. He hung the necklace from a wee branch above his head, gave it a little tap to set it swinging, and leaned back against the daffodils to watch it. With the bright spring sunshine in his eyes, the larks singing overhead, and the dazzling heart swinging backwards and forwards in the light, Algy soon found himself hypnotized 🙂

Dear Stefanie, Algy thanks you very, very much for the wonderful gifts which you sent for his birthday, and for your sweet thoughts. He is overwhelmed by your kindness, and sends you lots and lots of fluffy hugs xoxoxo

When the post bird passed by, Algy received a very exciting-looking package which had been sent all the way from the USA by his artist friend stefaniejasper. As it was an unusually sunny day, he decided to take his parcel into his friends’ garden, where he could open it at leisure among the daffodils. Algy propped the box up on a stone and tried to open it but, like so many inanimate objects, the box seemed to have a mind of its own. In his excitement Algy quite forgot about being leisurely, and the more eagerly he tried to discover what might be inside it, the more impossible it seemed to be to get the package open …