Like many of the other birds at this time of year, Algy has been so busy appreciating the arrival of spring that he missed the announcement that Reply is back!

Hooray!! Thank you Tumblr staff! Algy doesn’t know why you had to take Reply down, but he is so glad that you have brought it back again. Algy isn’t quite sure how the new reply feature works yet, but he’s certainly going to find out! He is so happy that he will be able to make comments on his friends’ posts again 🙂

Algy’s most popular adventures of 2015

Algy’s BEST posts (i.e. posts with most notes) of 2015, according to the “best of tumblr” generator… And still Tumblr have not brought back reply 😦

December ♥ 195

November ♥ 171

October ♥ 213

September ♥ 556

August ♥ 281

July ♥ 265

June ♥ 379

May ♥ 222

April ♥ 244

March ♥ 269

February ♥ 247

January ♥ 390

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best of tumblr


Today Algy joins his friends all round the world in asking Tumblr to PLEASE BRING BACK REPLY!

Algy says “Dear Tumblr staff, imagine being a fluffy bird on the remote, rocky edge of the wild and lonely west Highlands of Scotland…

My friends all around the world post wonderful images on Tumblr, which I used to comment on (reply to) frequently, and they sometimes used to comment on my adventures too. It was wonderful… but you took it away, and now when I try to comment on all the amazing posts I see on Tumblr, the foghorn on this lonely coast is silent…

It’s cold, dark, wet and windy here… and Tumblr is where my life and adventures really happen, but they are no longer interactive… Please bring back reply, and brighten up my life again 🙂 “

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Today, 1st June 2015, Algy joins his friends in their campaign calling on Tumblr to Protect the Creators.

Tumblr does nothing to prevent rebloggers from removing the credits, captions and link-backs of original creative works posted here on Tumblr – posted free, by artists, photographers, writers and other creative people for the whole Tumblr community to share.

It takes a lot of time and effort to produce original work. Algy knows! So he joins the call to staff to take action to ensure that original work is reblogged in its original form, with all credits and captions intact, and always with link-back to the creator’s own blog.

Come on Tumblr, you can do it if you really want to! Protect the creators whose presence here on Tumblr makes it unique among social media platforms.