On St. George’s Day, Algy tries to take special care of dragons, to make sure that they come to no harm. As he flew over the great sea loch, he noticed that a spiny sea serpent was struggling to make its way back out to sea against the tide, so Algy watched from the stony beach to make sure that the dragon managed to return safely to the ocean 🙂


Algy Loves Dragons!

Algy would like to reassure those kind people who have expressed concern over his St. George’s Day Adventure that he loves dragons, and his mission on St. George’s Day is especially to ensure that no-one does them any harm! He would never dream of hurting any creature – he loves them all xxx

To those who were so kindly concerned for his own safety, Algy can only say that in his experience so far, dragons seem to like him too, and he has found that their appearance is much more fierce than their bite 🙂

Algy says “Be Kind to Dragons!” and to all living creatures 🙂

Algy Rides a Dragon as Swift as the Wind


Algy doesn’t like St. George’s Day, or beastliness to dragons on any occasion. Dragons are Algy’s friends, for without them, who would breathe fire into the sunset?

He remembered the Chinese nursery rhyme, and went for a very special ride:

          As the sun came up, a ball of red.
          I followed my friend wherever he led.
          He thought his fast horse would leave me behind
          But I rode a dragon as swift as the wind!

[Algy gratefully acknowledges the source of the image of this particular dragon, in a photo by wisefly on flickr, adapted under a Creative Commons licence.]