By Wednesday morning the snow on the ground by Algy’s home had melted… but then the clouds grew heavier and heavier as the morning progressed, and soon a combination of wet snow and icy sleet began to fall, providing Algy with an ideal opportunity to test his friends’ theories about the best hairstyle for such conditions.

He discovered that his own hairstyle seemed to be fine for as long as the icy drops were content to remain on his hair, but once they melted and trickled down his face and soaked all his feathers, it was not quite so satisfactory…

Algy thinks that perhaps he should persuade his assistant to knit him a hat…

Algy thanks you all very much for your interesting, kind and helpful replies to his recent posts, including your fascinating reports about the weather in your part of the world πŸ™‚

Keep warm, everybody xoxo


When Algy got home, he was very excited to find a beautiful card waiting for him. It was addressed “To Algy”, and brought him a lovely squirrel who had been sent by his friend Karen to travel all the way to the Scottish Highlands from Ohio in the USA. Algy had heard of flying squirrels, but he had never before met one that had flown across a mighty ocean… However, here it was, without a doubt, and Algy guessed that it would now need a tree to live in. The weather was unpleasantly damp and windy, but the squirrel had lovely thick fur and didn’t seem to mind, so Algy gave it a wee tour of the local trees, so that it could choose one for itself. The squirrel brought him greetings from the United States, and a strange message: “You’re One Cool Dude”. Algy was puzzled. He was undoubtedly cool – in fact the wind felt bitterly cold today – but he wasn’t quite sure whether that was what Karen had meant πŸ™‚

Thank you, Karen – Algy sends you a special furry squirrel hug which he has just learned from his new friend πŸ™‚