Algy flew down from the sand dunes, onto the rocky promontory in the middle of the beach. Tucked low down by the water on the leeward side of the rocks, he was almost sheltered from the wind. It was peaceful sitting in the cool sunshine, just watching the water swirling around as the tide turned, and listening to all the soothing sounds that it made.

Listen to the wonderful sounds of the sea which Algy heard on the rocks.


When Algy moved down on to the rocks by the water, he sat quite still and listened to the fascinating sounds of the sea at low tide. It surged into the gullies between the rocks with a happy gurgle and splash, and sucked back out again with a hissing of sand, swirling the seaweed all around in the bubbling water at his feet.

{The complexities of the sound will be clearest through headphones or external speakers.}