Have a Peaceful, Safe and Happy Week


Algy moved close to the water and gazed at the waves as they rolled up against the rocks. In a world of constant trouble and strife, the perpetual motion of the sea provided a perfect antidote – even though Algy knew that the ocean itself held plenty of dangers for creatures not adapted to living in it…

But despite the perils of the deep, perching on a rock on a fine day, just watching the ever-changing pattern of motion and listening to all the wonderful sounds that the sea made, was profoundly soothing. In Algy’s opinion, this was a perfect way to spend an afternoon… a fluffy bird’s idea of peace and contentment 🙂

Algy wishes you all a peaceful, safe and happy week ahead xoxo


Sometimes Algy sits and thinks, and sometimes he just sits… 🙂 And very often, by the sea, he finds that thinking is uncalled for. There is more than enough to occupy the mind just watching the sea and listening to its sounds.

Some of Algy’s friends are facing sad challenges at the moment, with family members very ill or recently lost, and Algy dedicates this post – as well as the video clip which his assisant has just posted on her own blog – especially to those people. Algy hopes that the sight and sounds of the sea will help bring peace and calm into lives that are troubled or sad. He sends you all some very special fluffy hugs xoxo

Algy’s feet were getting cold in the deep shade between the rocks, so he moved across onto the next rock, and stretched himself out in the sun. The colours of the clear water over the sand were especially beautiful this afternoon, and the motion of the water was hypnotic. It wasn’t long before he dozed off for a while, with the soothing sounds of the sea as a lullaby.

Algy hopes that you will all have a peaceful and soothing weekend in the sun 🙂

If you missed Algy’s audio post yesterday, here’s another link to the wonderful sounds of the sea which Algy heard while he was sitting on the rocks.