Algy was feeling very tired. It had been such a long, dreary, stormy winter, and it seemed like years since he had last felt warm. He was thankful that he had not had to cope with months of snow, like some of his unfortunate friends, but that bitter wind just wouldn’t stop blowing and – despite the occasional bursts of sunshine – there was still no warmth in the air at all.

But as he leaned back wearily on the damp sand, watching the strange backwards rippling action of the burn as it trickled across the beach to the sea, he suddenly heard a wonderful sound. A skylark was singing overhead, ascending over the sand dunes. The first lark of spring! It might not look or feel like spring, but the lark knew that it was, and his beautiful, trilling song lifted Algy’s spirits right out of the dumps and up, up into the sky 🙂