Today Algy has some special advice for anyone who may be feeling despondent or downhearted: go and play with your rubber duck (or swan) in a bath, and very soon you will be smiling again :-))

Have a happy and relaxing weekend, everyone xoxo

While Algy was resting on the rock, he heard that his oldest friend, an elderly lady, had been taken to hospital with a heart problem. Poor Algy was very worried, but the next morning a little bird passed by to bring him the good news that his friend was all right, and was returning home. Although the weather was grey and grim, Algy was so delighted that he immediately leaped back into the sea to do a special Happy Loony Dance, to celebrate and to make his old friend laugh.

Algy knows that some of his Tumblr friends have similar concerns… so if you are feeling worried or downhearted, or are just suffering from the January Blues (or Greys!), Algy hopes that his Happy Loony Dance will help to make you smile too 🙂

Sometimes, on a fine day, Algy likes to visit one of the local tourist spots for fun. As he has already seen the view many times, Algy finds himself a good perch in a tree looking out the other way, and watches the visitors instead.

Algy especially hopes that this pretty scene will bring a little bit of sunshine and a smile into the lives of his friends who are suffering from depression. He wishes you all a happier day today xx