The Middle of March…

Although it was the middle of March, nasty cold wet sleet was falling with a persistence and determination guaranteed to dampen the spirits of even the hardiest inhabitant of the wild west Highlands, and yet Algy was undismayed. In fact, he was feeling positively cheerful, because his assistant, who had been unwell for several months and unable to record his adventures, had at last recovered sufficiently to assist him.

Trying not to shiver, Algy perched in a dripping young larch tree, listening to a song thrush nearby, who was evidently feeling equally happy as he belted out his defiance of the dismal weather at the very top of his voice. As he turned towards his assistant, Algy shook the icy water off his feathers, and smiled his sunniest smile…

Algy hopes to be able to continue his adventures more regularly now, albeit not daily, and would be delighted if you could join him as he shares his experiences in the wild wet Highlands of Scotland once again.

In the meantime, Algy sends you all his very fluffiest hugs, and his warmest thanks to all the kind friends who wished him a Happy Birthday a few days ago. Algy loves you all xoxo


And so, despite the miserable weather, Algy spent a happy afternoon singing in the rain, looking forward steadfastly to the coming spring 🙂

If you would like to know what Algy was singing, it is revealed in his previous post 🙂

Algy sends you all lots of rather damp, but indomitably fluffy, Happy Sunday hugs xoxo

It was a typical West Highland winter day: the cloud lay leaden on the hills like an enormous wet blanket, and rain mixed with icy sleet had been falling continuously since the night before. Around about noon, Algy perched in a sleeping cherry tree and gazed at the dull grey sky. Despite the dismal weather, the days were getting noticeably longer and the smaller birds were starting to sing from time to time. So Algy lifted up his own dripping head, took a deep, damp breath, and started to sing too…

…On, on from darkness into dawn,
From rain into the rainbow, fly with me.
Gone, gone all my grief and woe,
What matter where I go if I am free?

Beyond the blue horizon
Waits a beautiful day,
Goodbye to things that bore me,
Joy is waiting for me!
I see a new horizon,
My life has only begun,
Beyond the blue horizon
Lies a rising sun.

Algy hopes that whatever the conditions in your part of the world, you will have a happy and peaceful weekend, and will lift up your head and sing 🙂

[Algy is singing a very old song, Beyond the Blue Horizon, from the film Monte Carlo made almost 90 years ago, starring Jeanette MacDonald. Sadly, Algy was not able to find a video clip on YouTube (no doubt owing to copyright restrictions), but he found this audio recording from 1930.]

The weather had taken a turn for the worse, but Algy was in high spirits because his second book was very nearly ready to publish. So he fluffed up his feathers, perched on a wet rock, and sang a happy song, while the wind blew rain, hail and sleet into his face with considerable gusto…

Algy hopes that you will all be in good spirits this weekend, and will be able to sing a happy song in the face of any adverse weather conditions 🙂

By Wednesday morning the snow on the ground by Algy’s home had melted… but then the clouds grew heavier and heavier as the morning progressed, and soon a combination of wet snow and icy sleet began to fall, providing Algy with an ideal opportunity to test his friends’ theories about the best hairstyle for such conditions.

He discovered that his own hairstyle seemed to be fine for as long as the icy drops were content to remain on his hair, but once they melted and trickled down his face and soaked all his feathers, it was not quite so satisfactory…

Algy thinks that perhaps he should persuade his assistant to knit him a hat…

Algy thanks you all very much for your interesting, kind and helpful replies to his recent posts, including your fascinating reports about the weather in your part of the world 🙂

Keep warm, everybody xoxo