Algy was so tired after adventuring in the woodlands all day that he made himself a soft bed of moss and heather in a cosy spot under an arching tree trunk, curled himself up, and dropped straight off to sleep 🙂


Algy discovered that being cold and wet all day is exceedingly tiring, so as soon as the sleety snow had stopped falling he made himself a comfortable nest among the dead bracken stalks and immediately dropped off to sleep. And as he dozed fitfully among the chilly patches of bright, white snow on the open hillside, he dreamed that he was sitting in a beautiful cherry tree, alive with the dancing white petals of spring…

Algy was so exhausted by the time he reached home that he couldn’t even find the energy to fly up into his tree. So he just curled up on the lush grass among the cuckoo flowers, tucked his head under his wing, and went straight to sleep.

The next morning the sun climbed steadily higher in the sky, and butterflies flitted busily to and fro around him, but Algy still slept on, dreaming happily of his adventures near and far.