Although the air was chilly, it was undoubtedly a beautiful day. High in the dazzling blue sky overhead, the skylarks were singing vigorously. Algy was uncertain of his ability to ascend into the heavens while he sang, but he felt sure that he could contribute to the exaltation from a safe perch in a tree –  providing nobody came along the road to disturb (or hear) him!

When he is quite sure that no-one can hear him, Algy likes to rehearse operatic arias. A fine full moon lit up the old Atlantic oak forest, so Algy found a comfortable perch and sang a song to the moon at the top of his voice.

[Algy suggests that those who prefer a more melodious version might like to listen to Anna Netrebko singing Song to the Moon from Dvorak’s opera Rusalka.]

With a sprinkling of snow on the mountain and the sun very low in the sky, it felt distinctly chilly down at the jetty. Algy decided some vigorous singing might banish the frost. The warmest song Algy could think of was Libiamo ne’ lieti calici, Verdi’s party toast from La Traviata, but despite his enthusiasm he seems to be dragging the beat a wee bit, no doubt as a result of the cold …