Oh look, it’s raining again… can’t the weather think of anything else to do?

Algy perched beside one of his favourite pools, which forms where the quiet burn bends round the sand dunes towards the sea, and peered into the dense tangle of weeds. He was happy to see the kingcups starting to flower, and plenty of fresh green growth, but he couldn’t help feeling that the endless mist and rain was getting a wee bit tiresome: it made life very dull. There wasn’t even a frog to complain to, so he had to be satisfied with grumbling at the tiddlers playing in the burn, which was a little unfair, as the persistent mist and rain really wasn’t their fault…

Algy hopped out of the rhododendron bush, and into the middle of the forest clearing. There he lay back, wings outstretched, and floated happily upon the peaceful sea of green grasses and young bracken, surrounded by hundreds of bluebells and other flowers. It was a much safer sea than the one he was used to, and fortunately the thousands of midges and ticks which also love this environment were not really interested in such a fluffy bird…

Algy hopes that you will all have a happy, peaceful weekend, and not be troubled by insects and other summery pests!

Algy moved a wee bit closer to the edge of the water. The pebble beach was both knobbly and slippery, and not at all well adapted to the needs of a fluffy bird, but the beautiful silvery light was mesmerizing, and for a while Algy forgot about the discomfort of his tail feathers as he gazed out down the length of the loch.

Although it was almost midsummer the sky was entirely grey, and it was a cold, dreich day. It did nothing but rain a slow, persistent sort of dreary drizzle the entire day. So Algy decided that the best thing to do was take a very long bath in his favourite puddle.

(A few of Algy’s perennial followers may have seen him bathe in this puddle before, but Algy hopes that you won’t mind seeing his bath time again.)