Oh My!!!  OK, Let’s Party 🙂


The sea was rapidly approaching Algy’s sandcastle, and he knew that very soon it would be washed away… and then it would be time to party!

Please join Algy in celebrating his 2nd Tumblr birthday today – the party starts very soon, and there will be cake and ice cream for all, and a wee dram for the grownups who indulge 🙂

[If you would like to add something to Algy’s amazing collection of Anniversary contributions from his Tumblr friends, posted on lovefromalgy, it’s not too late 🙂 Please send him a link to reblog, or use his submissions page.]

And, as a birthday treat, Algy has made a special recording for you: listen to the wonderful sounds of the sea which Algy heard while watching his sandcastle.

On the north side of the wee beach, Algy found a tiny, peaty burn, which trickled across the sand in front of the rusty rocks, on its way to the sea. The perfect spot for a castle! So he set to work, and built the best sandcastle that he could manage. Perhaps it wasn’t quite as grand as some he had heard of, but fluffy birds are not perfectly adapted for construction in sand…

In any case, it was the first sandcastle that Algy had ever made, and he was delighted with it. He created a grand entrance out of a strong stalk of kelp, and settled down to keep guard. All he had to do now was wait… for the tide to come in, and for the start of his Anniversary celebrations 🙂