Happy Birthday Algy!

As you may have heard, it’s Algy’s 5th birthday today…

So some of Algy’s fluffy friends got together and presented him with a bouquet of beautiful pink roses, and a pretty little windmill, as they thought that – given the weather typical in the wild West Highlands of Scotland – it would have plenty of occasion to go round and round 🙂

Happy 5th Tumblr Birthday Algy!

Algy is holding a very special Tumblr birthday party TODAY on his sideblog @lovefromalgy​.

He has already received lots and lots of wonderful contributions and messages from his amazing Tumblr friends – in fact, he has received so many that the party will be continuing for many hours yet!

So Algy hopes that you will all join in the celebrations and submit your own images to share with all Algy’s Tumblr friends 🙂



Happy Valentine’s Day !


Algy is excited because it is St. Valentine’s Day and he has some beautiful red roses to give all his amazing friends. The wonderful thing about the internet is that he can give roses to all his friends at once 🙂

Algy sends you all his love, and lots of very fluffy hugs from the wild and windy West Highlands of Scotland xoxo

Algy was carrying a large bouquet of flowers, to share with you all at his Fluffy Valentine’s Day Party today on lovefromalgy – but the bouquet was very heavy for a fluffy bird, so he was relieved to find a low branch to rest on for a wee while among the snowdrops.

Algy sends you all lots of love and fluffy hugs today, and invites you all to come to his party on lovefromalgy – or send your fluffy friends to join in the fun 🙂 There are lots of flowers for everyone, and always room for a few more if you have some to spare xoxo

Algy was very happy and relieved to hear that his old friend in hospital was feeling a bit better. He wanted to find some pretty flowers for him, and also for all his kind Tumblr friends who had sent their good wishes, healing thoughts, and prayers for his old friend’s recovery. Algy reckoned that he would need to find a large number of flowers altogether, so he was delighted to discover a lovely rambling rose which seemed to have plenty to offer …

Algy thanks you all very much indeed for your kindness and good wishes – please take some of these lovely fragrant roses, with their hearts of gold 🙂  xx

Algy has scrambled into an extremely prickly climbing rose bush in order to pick some fragrant flowers especially for you, his lovely followers and Tumblr friends 🙂

Algy offers you these roses to thank you all very much indeed for following and liking his adventures, for making such wonderful comments, and for sending him messages. He appreciates your friendship and support more than he can say 🙂

Algy loves you all and hopes you are all having a very happy day xx