The garden was very beautiful, especially in the spring, and it was sheltered from the strong winds that constantly battered his home on the exposed coast. Algy flew around happily, exploring all the different areas. In one peaceful spot he discovered a strange, huge metal urn, and perched on its rim for a while, looking at the flowers and spring leaves, and listening to the smaller birds singing in the trees and bushes around him.


Algy was getting fed up with waiting around while his assistant finished the production work on his book. She was too busy to assist him with his adventures, and the weather was dreadful too: it was cold, wet and windy, and spring still hadn’t fully sprung. It really wasn’t any fun at all.

So Algy decided to go in search of some bright flowers to cheer himself up. He flew over to an old garden that he knew, where – despite the weather – there were many beautiful azaleas and rhododendrons in bloom. Perching in a tree beside one of the most fragrant azaleas, he was thrilled when a moment’s sunshine lit up the flowers.

Algy hopes that moments of sunshine will brighten your weekend too, even if the weather is gloomy where you are 🙂 Have a happy, relaxing weekend, everybody xoxo

Algy gave his feathers a good shake and set off to explore the garden. There were beautiful flowering shrubs everywhere, with bluebells carpeting the ground and tall trees overhead. He found a bush with bright yellow flowers which seemed to be especially fragrant, and perched there happily in the sunshine, listening to the other birds singing all around him.