It was time to leave the beautiful woodlands by the river, so Algy began to make his way home, but the days were much shorter now, and he could not manage to fly all the way before night fell. He decided to rest for a while in the forest which clothed the steep hillside near the deep, dark loch. It was dark in the forest too, even during the day, as the tall trees blocked out much of the light, but Algy was not afraid. He knew that there could be no darkness without light, and sure enough, here and there, patches of bright sunlight filtered through the crowded branches to the forest floor. Settling himself down on a bed of soft moss, Algy drowsily watched the changing patchwork of light through the trees until he fell asleep…



Submission Selfie Sunday

Ooooops… Camouflage Fail Again!

Happy Selfie Sunday everybody 🙂

And lots of extra special fluffy hugs for all Algy’s hardworking friends at PWS xoxo

Thank you for your fluffy selfie submission, Algy! Actually we are happy that the camouflage failed, because so we can see you. We love it!

PAFBWS – Photo(grapher)s And Fluffy Birds Worth Seeing

Algy sends his fluffiest thanks to his amazing friends at PWS @photosworthseeing for another wonderful Selfie Sunday xo

When Algy woke up on Thursday morning he got a wee surprise; it looked as though the weather gods had mislaid their calendar… He was sure that it was the end of April, but there was more snow falling than he had seen at any time during the winter. Algy flew quickly over to his assistants’ house, to find his tartan shawl and tam, and then perched in a bush in their garden, watching in amazement as huge flakes of heavy, wet snow kept flopping down on his head…

Algy dedicates this post especially to his friends at PWS @photosworthseeing, in honour of their special April event for spring 🙂