The Man with the Hat…

While Algy was enjoying the wonderful “Selfie Sunday” event on PWS @photosworthseeing​ yesterday, he greatly admired the handsome self-portrait of the amazingly cool Mr. Wayland William Whitney of New York State, known to his friends – of which Algy is sure he indeed has many – as Bud… @bwwhitney

Algy rather cheekily added a comment to that post, to the effect that perhaps he too could be as cool as Mr. Whitney, if only he had a hat like his.

Imagine Algy’s astonishment, therefore, when he woke up in the wild west Highlands of Scotland this morning to find that the incredible Mr. Whitney had taken the trouble not only to lend him his wonderful hat, but to send it all the way across the Atlantic Ocean in the night and actually place it on his head, with a very kind note attached to say that Algy himself is the definition of cool!

Algy has to confess that until he received this hat he really didn’t feel very cool at all… but there can be no further doubt that the astonishing Mr. Whitney is himself the epitome of cool – and also of kind generosity. How many of even your very best friends would take the trouble to send you their own super-cool hat across the mighty ocean in the night, and place it carefully on your head in just the right position?

Algy would like to assure “Bud” that he has made a lifelong fluffy friend, and he will treasure this very fine hat for as long as he is permitted to wear it 😀

And of course he also sends him lots of his very fluffiest hugs… providing, of course, that such a cool gentleman is willing to accept such things xo

@bwwhitney​ with the very fluffiest of thanks for making Algy’s day so special!


Sunday Selfie


Submission Selfie Sunday

He’s back… 😀

Sadly, Algy was absent for the last two PWS Selfie Sundays, but now he has emerged from the darkness, and sends all his friends at PWS lots of his fluffiest “Seflie Sunday” hugs xo


The more happy are we that Algy is back and rightfully relaxing in the sun. Thank you for your selfie submission. We love it! And we send you the fluffiest hugs imaginable.

PAFBWS – Photo(grapher and Fluffy Bird)s Worth Seeing

Thank you so much, my dear friends @photosworthseeing xo

And thank you too for all your hard work in presenting another wonderful “Selfie Sunday” on Tumblr – Algy has discovered many interesting new photographers through your efforts today 😀

Selfie Sunday, April 2017


Submission Selfie Sunday

Algy had been away from Tumblr for a week and very nearly missed this Selfie Sunday, which would have made him feel decidedly glum.

If that had happened, it would probably have been the first PWS Selfie Sunday that Algy ever missed. A sad day indeed…

But fortunately he remembered just in time (he hopes!), and so he wishes all his wonderful friends @photosworthseeing a very Happy Selfie Sunday, and sends you all lots of very fluffy hugs xoxo

We are happy that you were able to make it. And we send the fluffiest hugs back to our favourite bird (not only on Tumblr) and his wonderful assistant Jenny.

PAFBWS – Photo(grapher And Fluffy Bird)s Worth Seeing

Algy sends his fluffiest thanks to all his dear friends @photosworthseeing for allowing him to participate in another wonderful PWS Selfie Sunday yesterday, and for the amazingly hard work which the PWS team put into this and all their other events, not to mention their daily selections 🙂

Lots of very fluffy hugs for you all xoxoxo

Sunday Selfie, February 2017


Dear friends at PWS and throughout the Tumblrverse, Algy wishes you a very happy Selfie Sunday and sends you all lots of frosty fluffy hugs xoxo

Another tradition of the PWS Selfie Sunday is … yes, the fluffiest bird in the whole Tumblrverse: Algy. Star of now already three books (see here:, and overall great lad. Thank you for your fluffy selfie submission! We love it!

PAFBWS – Photo(grapher And Fluffy Bird)s Worth Seeing

And on another bright and frosty morning, Algy sends his fluffiest thanks to all his kind friends at @photosworthseeing for allowing him to participate in the wonderful PWS tradition of Selfie Sunday 🙂 Algy knows that he is not quite like the other creatures who participate in this event, but it seems that he was made to be a wee bit different 🙂

Lots of very fluffy hugs to you all xoxo



As forecast, the sunshine lasted only one day and Sunday was dismally grey, with the clouds drifting low over the hills once again. But at the very last minute before dusk, the setting sun managed to break through a wee gap in the heavy bank of cloud, and illuminated some of the ridges with a faint magenta glow. Algy perched on a cold rock to watch for a moment or two, knowing that in just a few minutes more the light and the colour would be gone…

I always love to follow Algy’s adventures and right now I would like to sit next to Algy and listen his stories in this beautiful evening mood. Algy’s assistant Jenny captured this photo and mood perfectly.

PWS – Stephi

Algy was so thrilled to see this adventure appear on @photosworthseeing!

Thank you Stephi 🙂 Algy sends you lots of very fluffy hugs, and says that you are most welcome to sit next to him any time you like, and he will tell you all his very best and fluffiest stories xx

For the PWS @photosworthseeing New Year Special “That One Moment” – with lots of very fluffy hugs to all Algy’s friends at PWS, and his fluffiest thanks to the PWS team for organising yet another wonderful event xoxo

Algy’s special moment of 2016 was back in July, on an unusually summery day. Algy made his way through a lovely patch of woodland to a beautiful lochan fringed with wild water lilies, where everything was peaceful, calm and sunny – a rare treat in the West Highlands of Scotland! And…

Algy hopped down to the water’s edge and perched on a clump of lush green grass. Leaning forward, he peered down deep into the blue water, trying to see whether he could spot a frog among the water lilies, but although he looked as hard as he could, there was no sign of his amphibian friends. Then suddenly he noticed a wee movement on the soggy ground beside him. Several tiny froglets were making their way clumsily towards the shelter of the grasses, their spindly legs stumbling over the matted roots. Algy wished them well, and hoped they would have a safe journey…

[Originally posted on 31st July 2016]


Happy 3rd Birthday to you!
Happy 3rd Birthday to you!
Happy 3rd Birthday dear PWS,
Happy 3rd Birthday to you!

Dear friends at PWS, Algy sends you his fluffiest congratulations on your 3rd Tumblr birthday and his warmest thanks for all the amazing work you have done over the past three years to promote and support the photographers (and fluffy birds) on Tumblr, and to brighten up all our lives. Algy is looking forward to many more years of PWS :)))

Algy managed to rescue three slightly battered gladioli from the storms in time for your birthday, although they are a wee bit damaged by the wind and the rain. He hopes you like them.

Lots of extra fluffy hugs to you all, with love from Algy @adventuresofalgy xoxoxo

And the fluffiest hugs to the probably most famous bird on Tumblr. Thank you and Jenny @jennychapmanartwork for making our Tumblr experience wonderful and magical! And thank you for your most wonderful words and this beautiful submission!

PWS – Photos Worth Seeing

It’s PWS @photosworthseeing 3rd Tumblr birthday today! Let’s all celebrate and thank the wonderful team who work so hard to promote original photography on Tumblr 🙂


Dear friends at PWS, thank you so much for hosting another of your wonderful Selfie Sunday events to brighten all our lives. As always, I send you all lots of fluffy hugs xoxo

I hope you are enjoying better weather this summer than we are, here on the west coast of Scotland… Here you see me on a “good” August day, trying to benefit from a rare burst of sunshine while avoiding the worst effects of the wind…

Submission Selfie Sunday

Thank you for taking part in another of our Selfie Sunday events and brighten our lives, Algy!

PAFBWS – Photo(grapher)s And Fluffy Birds Worth Seeing

Thank YOU, dear friends @photosworthseeing for all the hard work you do xx


PWS – Selfie Sunday Submission

Still working on my camouflage techniques…

I wish you all a very happy spring Sunday 🙂

Thank you for your selfie submission! We love it! And we love to see Algy announcing springtime!

PAFBWS – Photo(grapher)s And Fluffy Birds Worth Seeing

Algy sends his fluffiest thanks to the wonderful people at @photosworthseeing for all the hard work you do each and every day to share wonderful photos with us all, and especially for the effort you put in to the Selfie Sundays, which so many people – and one surprisingly fluffy bird – enjoy so much. Once again there have been some truly amazing Selfies on PWS this Sunday – Algy thinks the Selfie Sundays are just getting better and better 🙂

Algy sends lots of very fluffy hugs to you all xoxoxo


PWS – Selfie Sunday

Dear friends, I could not let a PWS Selfie Sunday go past without participating 🙂

In these dark and stormy December days, I have been spending a lot of time in the shelter of the woods, where all is calm and peaceful. I wish you all a calm and peaceful Sunday xoxo

Thank you for your terrific selfie submission, Algy! And thank you for your wonderful words. We love it!

PAFBWS – Photo(grapher)s And Fluffy Birds Worth Seeing

Algy loves the PWS Selfie Sunday events, and he sends his fluffiest thanks to his kind friends at @photosworthseeing for allowing a fluffy bird to join in with all the “real” photographers 🙂