The post bird brought Algy a beautiful card full of dazzling light, sent by his new friend funnyful in Sweden. So Algy put on the wonderful top hat which Tumblr had given him on April Fools’ Day, flew up into the nearest tree, and held the card up to the sky, so that the lovely Swedish light could illuminate his Highland home.

Thank you so much, dear Charlotta xoxo Algy loves your card and your beautiful, sparkling light, and he loves your handwriting too 🙂 Even the stamp is pretty!

p.s. Algy says he thinks maybe he is the original Tumblr Pro :)) He thanks the Tumblr gods kindly for the loan of the hat, and asks them “Can I keep it, please?”


Way, way back in those long-ago days, just a few years after Algy had dreamed of the little girl on the other side of the world, that same girl was sitting on a rock on her own native shore. Unlike Algy’s warm southern home, her northern seaside was cold and grey, so she was well wrapped up against the cool British climate. The girl was a wee bit older now, and she sat there very quietly, dreaming of the future… As she gazed at the chilly water swirling around her rock, she thought she saw a strange, fluffy bird with bright yellow hair and dangly legs doing a crazy dance in the sea in front of her…

Many years passed… and then, one day, Algy received messages in his Tumblr mailbox from his friends nosealviewing, babalou71 and josepha-amarantine

And this concludes his response 🙂