Algy flew around the ridge and down to the burn, which drained the water from the steep, rocky slopes and the peat bogs safely into the sea. Despite the mass of prickles beneath his tail feathers, Algy perched in a large gorse bush and settled down to watch the burn playing in its pebbly bed and the light playing on the gold and russet grasses. There were many periods of bright golden sunlight, but from time to time the sky turned entirely black, and almost immediately the heavens opened, drenching the ground – and Algy – with yet another shower of icy sleet.


November 5th is Guy Fawkes Night, or Bonfire Night, in the UK, and it is traditional to have your own wee firework display in your garden. The pessimistic weather forecasters predicted heavy rain, but in the event the evening remained more or less dry, and the wind was not too strong, so Algy had a lot of fun 🙂