At the raised, drier edges of the peat bog, the flowers were much tinier, like wee jewels among the mossy grass. It was cosy and warm there, so Algy tucked himself in among the waving reeds and grasses, with his back to the wind, and dozed happily for a while in the hazy sunshine.

Algy decided that it was time to explore the peat bogs. Around midsummer these wee West Highland wetlands put on all their finery and burst into flower. But even a fluffy bird has to go carefully in this environment, as the grassy tussocks are interspersed with deep concealed pools, and ground which looks solid may suddenly soak you up like a sponge.

So Algy made his way gingerly into the bog and found a safe tussock to rest on beside a patch of cotton grass, which he loves especially as it is as fluffy as he is 🙂  He sat there happily in the hazy sunshine, studying the lovely pink flowers of the Ragged Robin all around him.