This is the sound of the little waves, just as Algy heard it while perching on a rock in the sand.

He’s sorry that it’s only a short clip, but even in a crevice in the rock, there was too much wind noise for a good recording 😦

Listen to the song thrush braving the storm and singing in Algy’s tree in the roaring wind today. The gale rages, the land is lost in dense Scotch mist, and the waters are rising… The West Highlands are expecting between 4" and 8" of rain over this weekend – more than some places where Algy’s friends live receive in months, or even a year! But the thrush sings on; he believes it is spring, even if no-one else does…

This is the sound of the burn tumbling down the hillside in the Scotch mist, just as Algy heard it while perching in a tree overhanging the water on a dreich February day.

Although the wee waterfalls in the West Highland woodlands – and the trickling burns – sound very similar to one another, each one has its own distinctive voice, which changes all the time as the supply of water varies.

This is the sound that Algy heard while perching by this wee waterfall.

Listen to the roaring sound of the waterfall that filled Algy’s ears as he perched on an old fence post by the rushing burn in the glen.

This is the sound that Algy heard as he perched on the mossy log which had fallen across the wee burn in the woods.

This is the wonderful sound of the sea on the rocks which Algy heard while he was waiting for the tide to come in and wash his sandcastle away.

This is a birthday treat for Algy’s friends, but especially for those, like Kara telescopical, who have never heard the sea in reality. This recording scarcely begins to convey the wonder of it, but Algy hopes that one day you will hear the sea for yourselves 🙂